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Justin Bieber

Telltale Tagging

Reveals Signs of Drug Abuse

1/18/2014 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0118-justin-bieber-halfpipe-x17-2Justin Bieber's problem with sizzurp had early warning signs ... but no one picked up on them.

We went back and looked at this photo ... taken last month.  You see a skate ramp in Justin's backyard, covered in spray paint.

Check out the reference to "double cup," with a styrofoam cup next to it.  Double cup is code for lean mixed with double the amount of codeine.

As we first reported ... we've learned Bieber has been deep into the lean game lately -- it's codeine and promethazine mixed with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher.  Bieber's also been abusing Rx drugs, as well as booze and weed.  

His people have been urging him to go to rehab ... to no avail.


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Right on cue...facing potential felony charges....enter "rehab", get a spineless judge, offer to pay for egg damage, get charges dropped to misdemeanor , leave "rehab" after a week and then claim to have a "sober coach" travel with him

241 days ago


please let the next headline read lil douche bag dead from OD

241 days ago


This is going to sound horribly cynical but I reckon his manager is fully aware of all this and has been for some time. Hence the argument with the bodyguard who actually did express concern and who was fired as a result. Bieber's star is waning. His behaviour losing him fans, and more importantly the parents of fans who actually pay for their kids tickets etc. Increasingly he has been flying around and getting kicked out of hotels etc. All of which, $100 million or no $100 million - and even that is up for debate, is cutting deep into his management's 'investment'. He clearly will not transition well into pop star in his 20's. He's lost the cute appeal. A tragic death by drug overdose will send sales of remaining music and memorabilia soaring, who actually owns the rights? Scooter?

A tragic death creates an icon worth a lot of money. I living drug addled ex-teeny bop pop star playing to smaller and smaller crowds if he is lucky, Stratford YMCA?, is worthless in that game.

Bieber does not appear to be the sharpest tool, $100 million? Yes you may have made that, but how much of that gone on expenses, commission to management and apparently, drug dealers? Also as a Canadian citizen he must pay income tax on his world wide income if he is deemed still to be resident of Ontario which is usually how a work visa to the US works. The US visa people want to see that you do not intend to remain permanently in the US. A work visa is temporary, it is not a Green Card.

Just sayin'..........

241 days ago

lord flashheart    

2 Cups , 1 Justine

241 days ago


Let the Kid keep doing what he's doing, hopefully he passes away, but isnt remembered

241 days ago


Well, he should just hurry up and self-compost himself already, and/or crash his car and BBQ himself, or both, and then divvy up his estate so his family can get his money and make all the anti-abortion do***entaries they want, no?

241 days ago


cant wait for him to found dead of an overdose

241 days ago


It's been going for years, everyone saw it coming. Don't feel sorry for this guy! We've been telling him to grow up for years!

241 days ago


Great pickup TMZ !

241 days ago


Why do you spend so much time on this guy, he is not interesting at all. Just a loser.

241 days ago


well...this explains the way he's been acting. I can't stand him. I hope he doesn't get away with this. time to go bye-bye-bye little boy.

241 days ago

Phil Mcl    

This is no excuse the kid is still a butt head!!!!!!!!

241 days ago


This is such ****ing bull**** now. If you aren't going to report the truth, then don't report anything at all. Do you realize how many rapper reference "double cups" in their songs? Juicy J? Just because you listen to a song that says something and repeat it, doesn't mean you're doing it. I am so sick and tired of all the complete **** stories you people write about Justin Bieber. He is NOT a bad person. Yet, the picture you're painting of him to the public does him no justice at all. I'm sure people would much rather read about all the good he does, rather than the bull**** stories you do write. Because the good he does outweighs all the lies you continuously publish. Justin is 19 years old and he is more successful than most artists. Just because he's a celebrity and in the public eye, does NOT give you the right to SLANDER his name and image. If I were him, I would've sued your asses a LONG time ago. THIS IS NOT OKAY ANYMORE. OPEN YOUR EYES. YOU'RE DESTROYING HIM. AND YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO DO SO.

241 days ago


wtf looks like a 5 year old did this

241 days ago


I'm sure Gucci will be happy to be associated with sizzurp-boy (NOT).

241 days ago
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