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Calling My Son the N-Word Was ...

'A Term of Endearment'

1/18/2014 1:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0118-madona-GettyMadonna says she had no idea people would take such offense over her use of the n-word yesterday -- even though at 55 she probably should.

Madge released a statement moments ago saying she's not a racist ... and her use of the hashtag "#disni**a" in reference to her son on Instagram Friday was not meant as a racial slur.

Madonna explains, "There's no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention ... It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white."

Madonna adds, "I appreciate that it's a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me."

Translation: I should stay off Instagram.


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Big D    

This IS NOT a racist word. Maybe back a few years, but since the blacks have all adapted the word ****** as a term of endearment , they shouldn't get pissed when people of other racist use it. Maybe it just depends on the content of the use. If I say Over there is my ****** Brad, that's okay, if I say "Hey Shut up ******" then that's wrong. Who gives a damn, it's just a freakin word, if you are that sensitive and your damn feelings get hurt then toughen up ******, and shut the **** up.

214 days ago


With all the other words in the English language to choose from, why use that word at all?

214 days ago


Yet Another example of her HUGE ego that she Believes she exempt from sensitivity because of her name. You are a badly aging, white, privileged woman. What about being Any of those things leads you to feel Justified about using such a word for Any reason, leave alone for endearment?? I am mom to an african/american/british//german..., daughter and i would NEVER think to use language created and used out of hate, as an expression of love. You just KEEP showing us Who you Really Are, ugly.

214 days ago


Look - if she said "*****" that is something I have heard countless black people call each other when they are referring to each other as friends. It does NOT carry the same meaning as "******" which is a racist, horrible word, so everyone needs to chill out.

214 days ago


Anxious to see if she receives same punishment as other white people who used that word, I have several biracial family members,I do not like hearing this word used by anyone regsrdless of their race! Will their be a protest? Will Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson come at her as they did Paula Dean?? I think they should!!

214 days ago


Many African-Americans use the N-word multiple times per day.
Just watch YouTube.

214 days ago


I don't see the big deal, all English wanna-bes use the word Nig-ga as a term if endearment, hell, the queen does around saying "dis nig-ga" all the time! In madonnas household that's how you show your love, and in turn his nick name for her is "aged cracker has been whore" it's ALL out of love people

214 days ago


What does she call her son when she's pissed at him? Hitler?

214 days ago


She's become a walking SNL skit.

214 days ago

Lovin life!!!    

The bitch is ugly anyway

214 days ago


Yeah you dumb hoe its an endearment alright. Calling your white child a slave name. Where's the endearment here again????

214 days ago


I thought Madonna has a proper English now. Is that a term if endearment in England now??

214 days ago


Her sense of humor and her mouth has always been so peculiar and off.

She only does things to be brass for attention and media stirring, all self promotion in a way to get her name out there, she was always the type that any attention even if negative she'd take as long as she was getting attention.

She and Elton John both just have nasty mouths and say offensive things yet they don't think they are offensive.

Not to offend British but maybe they get away with more there and are cruder? I don't know.

British comedy theater used to be pretty crude.

214 days ago


My question would be, do you call your daughter a w.hore as a term of endearment? Would you like to be called a vile name by Elton John then he laughs it off saying "oh it was just a term of endearment."

Self awareness, have some, try some.

Taste your words before you speak them.

214 days ago


She think she is larger then life! Shut up Madonna and register for aarp!

214 days ago
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