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Dennis Rodman

North Koreans Plied Him With Booze

1/20/2014 8:24 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Dennis Rodman's alcohol-fueled meltdown was caused by North Korea ... so claim the people who got the former Hall of Famer into rehab.

Sources connected with Rodman -- the ones who convinced him he needed to check into rehab after his controversial trip -- tell TMZ, from the minute Rodman landed in North Korea he was plied with alcohol.

Rodman claims his bizarre -- arguably unpatriotic comments -- were the result of alcohol abuse and he says the pressure he felt before doing his disastrous interview is why he landed in rehab.

But people close to him say ... the mucky-mucks in the North Korean government were more than happy to supply Rodman with endless amounts of alcohol ... to the point his mind was poisoned.


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They held him down, and poured it into him. I think I used that excuse once. lol It didn't work for me either. I'm a man so, it's hard for me to decide if a guy is good looking. Where I'm going with this. If he'd loose the hardware in his face, and keep his normal hair color. people might take him seriously. Even the guy in North Korea who looks like Hahn off of Two Broke Girls, has to be wondering if this guy is normal...

90 days ago


Dude is 52 years old, and physically larger than most people. No one "plied" him with anything - he's not a teenage girl at a homecoming kegger.

90 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

Give him an Everclear enema.

90 days ago

Politico Pablo    

It's a lame excuse to blame it on alcohol. He's going to NK because he enjoys the media attention. He shouldn't be allowed any more visits there.

90 days ago


He is simply...an effen loser

90 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I believe that's one of the many methods of torture utilized by the evil loser N. Korean regime: they shove a funnel down your throat and force you to guzzle booze. Cuz otherwise, why wouldn't he just say "no thanks?'

90 days ago


Can't take Responsibility?
Always have to BLAME someone or something else.

Be a MAN! Take some self responsibility.

Hey Dennis.....
YOU plowed those drinks down your OWN throat.

Too Late.

90 days ago


Rodman may have managed to shyte in both of his "nests" using this lame excuse. Most people here find him repulsive and now he's as much as blamed his good pal in North Korea for plying him with liquor. Now, he may well have cashed in his chips with his pudgy pal too.

90 days ago


He's a big boy now andjust because it was offered he didn't have to get blotto and he is supposedly a pro so he knew a trip this controversial would require he have his wits about him. There is no need for him to act like Justin Bieber...JB has an excuse...he's 19 yr old child acting like a child, and he will pay the price with his career going down in flames

90 days ago


Forget rehab . Give this guy, his own reality tv show. He' black, and sat at the head of the N.K leader table. How did he pull that off? Not even Oclueless, could get that done.

89 days ago


1. Denial is the first indicator of guilt.
2. Alcohol reveals the person.

89 days ago

bitch please    

Why is anybody still talking about this f-ing moron?? He's UGLY in every possible way. AND STUPID.

Go the fck away Rodman!

89 days ago


No matter how fine Carmen Electra is she can never live down being with Dennis

89 days ago


Yeah Dennis, what happened in N. Korea that you're not talking about? You're lucky to get home, you should be kissing the ground.

89 days ago

Kardashian Ass    

This POS should be tried for treason.

89 days ago
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