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Justin Bieber

Here's the Drug Evidence

1/20/2014 4:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An L.A. County Sheriff's spokesperson says their deputies saw no drugs when they raided Justin Bieber's house and there was no smoking room as we previously reported ... well then check this out.

First let's deal with the smoking room.  Here's a picture of that room.  Justin and his pals call it the Bob Marley Room.  There are lots of bongs, and they were in plain veiw when deputies descended on the property. (The photo above shows Lil Twist -- who's not connected to Lil Za's drug bust.)

As for other drugs ... as we said, Justin had 2 big cookie jars of weed displayed in the house.  And as we said there were 4 to 5 empty codeine bottles laying around ... as well as the styrofoam cups used for sizzurp (lean). 

It's unclear why the spokesperson is going on record when we know the stuff was inside the house (not to mention the smoking room pic).  But, as we said, deputies did nothing wrong.  The search warrant was for video equipment, and as one top law enforcement official told us ... they weren't looking for drugs. 




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I do love how his mommy has nothing to say about this...

275 days ago

News Flash     

I believe you TMZ.

275 days ago


Good detective work tmz!

275 days ago


Lol you're beating the dead horse okay it's over who cares if does drugs so does 90% of America

275 days ago


"Welcome to the jungle
We've got fun 'n' games
We got everything you want
Honey, we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money, honey
We got your disease"

275 days ago


nice try tmz but this whole story is so funny you guys were not there during the search and its your word against the sheriff do you think they would arrest lil za alone yet the house was filled with drugs get a 2014 photo stop referring to the past thats 2013 for God's sake

275 days ago

Nobody Special    

Besides Lean the Beaver is into drinking Jenkem while eating Poo-Shrooms.

He has a nasty taste for low quality drugs.

While most Celebs are smoking the best opium, The Beaver is into ghetto highs.

275 days ago


It's unclear why the spokesperson is going on record when we know the stuff was inside the house (not to mention the smoking room pic). But, as we said, deputies did nothing wrong. The search warrant was for video equipment, and as one top law enforcement official told us ... they weren't looking for drugs.

so wait by that logic if they are searching a house for drugs and find someone murdered they wont worry about the dead person because they are searching for drugs.seems to me that bieber has someone paid off in the sheriffs department.

275 days ago

belieber forever.    

i don't believe that……but if its true I STILL LOVE HIM<3

275 days ago


So the police can say they smell weed and search your car, find a gun and it's all over... but if they go to your house, search for video and find drugs they just ... overlook it? One of these stories is not right...Where did TMZ get the pics?? if they are old pics and you just know what was in the house, is it not possible that those in the house got some sort of heads up and simply hid, dumped all the things TMZ says were there... maybe the police didn't find those things because they were hidden, dumped before the search. Certainly makes more sense than the idea that the police simply passed over dozens of drug charges and violations because the search warrant was for video footage and EGGS!

275 days ago


That picture is from March 2013. How can TMZ be sure it was exactly like this the day of the raid? Confused. Here's the way I see it. They sent 11 cars and a battering ram to JB's house. They 100%, absolutely wanted to get him for something. Even if they couldn't do anything with the drugs...I really don't think they would protect him from TMZ. ELEVEN CARS...BATTERING RAM...for egg throwing. Either way...sounds like he needs some help from more than just a good lawyer. Time to evict his house guests and get himself straightened out.

275 days ago


my first thought is that this is a 19 year old kid….big surprise he smokes weed…and he is rich, so he has lots of it in his house….really not a big deal to me…..the sizzurp is more disturbing to me though….and the douche behavior

275 days ago


i cant stop laughing talking about evidence when your showing 2013 march photos is really funny so much has changed its your words against the sheriff who are these sources they better give you guys your money back and for the record thats the time lil twist was having a party and justin was on tour alot has changed tmz its 2014 january remember

275 days ago


If they weren't there looking for drugs and weren't allowed that search how and why was Lil Za arrested for drugs during that search? This makes No sense.

275 days ago


I hate the way TMZ milks a story it's the same story reported every other day with one or two new irrelevant details.

275 days ago
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