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Justin Bieber

Treasure Trove of Drugs

In Mansion During Raid

1/20/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber had drugs and drug paraphernalia strewn all over his house when it was raided Tuesday ... but drugs were not on deputies' radar ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... when L.A. County Sheriff's deputies searched the house ... there were 2 large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view. There were also 4 - 5 empty codeine bottles in the mansion.

There were also 3 bongs -- 1 in the TV room and 2 in the kitchen.

There were styrofoam cups scattered throughout the house that had elaborate drawings on them ... including the names of the people who used them.  The cups, we're told, were used for Sizzurp (also called lean) -- which is Justin's drug of choice.  We're told he likes to draw on the cups with markers after using them.

And speaking of Sizzurp ... Sprite is usually part of the mix, but we're told Justin preferred pineapple Fanta instead.  There were empty Fanta bottles that were discolored ... we're told from the codeine.

There were lots of "swisher sweets" cigars laying around the house -- Bieber's preferred way to smoke marijuana.

And speaking of weed … we're told Justin has a dedicated smoking room in the house, complete with hookah pipes.  Sources say when cops showed up ... some of his friends went into the room and some of the illicit stuff went down the toilet. 

As for why cops didn't seize any of these items ... law enforcement sources say they were not on the hunt for drugs -- they were primarily looking for video equipment that may have been attached to surveillance cameras.  In fact, cops probably couldn't pry and open jars and such, because it would have exceeded the scope of the search warrant.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin has developed a serious drug problem and his people are pushing him to enter rehab ... something he has resisted.



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Stupid little prick! You're rich and don't have to worry about the stuff 99% if us have to worry about. Why do you have to create things to worry about? If I was your dad I'd spank your ass in front of tmz cameras! Spoiled little fu*k!!!

214 days ago


the only ones who care about this little khunt is tmz. i pray he overdoses and dies, no one would miss him.

214 days ago


Drink up little boy

214 days ago


i thought that if the police enters the premises for a valid reason anything in plain site is considered fair game.

214 days ago


This is such celebrity justice: if no drugs were fair game, then no one should be arrested. If it is then both Justin and Lil Za are fair game. I think this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Our constitution says "equal protection under the law".
BTW, I wish they would arrest Justin, but you better believe that no one is helping Lil Za like they would Justin. He should give testimony on the syrup dealer and get out. Plus, Justin needs to get consequences. Lil Za should sue the law enforcement for collision in protecting Justin.

214 days ago


I thought they were looking for eggs &

214 days ago


The cops said if they see anything like drugs or anything it's fair game ??

214 days ago


Given what he did to the phone at the jail, coud the reason Li Za was arrested was his temper. He probably pissed the cops off.

214 days ago

Shaken not stirred    

Sadly, another celeb on a downward drug spiral, that is destined to end badly, unless someone get control of this kid.

214 days ago


More celebrity PRIVILEGE and ENTITLEMENT !! Disgusting~ house of drugs~reprehensible, this LA law enforcement (?)

214 days ago

I Ain't Feeling This Ish!    

So why was Lil Za the only person arrested for FELONY drug possession? White privilege ...LAPD ain't sh*t!

214 days ago


That's funny TMZ - because in the main post about the raid you were SPECIFIC - anything illegal found durning the egg hunt was fair game - and you made sure to single out drugs. Maybe your sources aren't as air tight at you think.

214 days ago


Egg throwing, peeing in a bucket, drinking cough syrup.....yeah this dude is a real gangsta.

214 days ago

I Ain't Feeling This Ish!    

I wonder how much hush money the LAPD excepted to look the other way!

214 days ago


Two words: Jail. Please.

214 days ago
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