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I Should Never Have Done 'Bachelor'

And I Definitely Wouldn't Sleep with Him

1/20/2014 8:31 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former bachelorette Victoria Lima -- who was booted from "The Bachelor" last week -- tells TMZ, Juan Pablo's anti-gay comments are a HUGE turn-off ... so sleeping with him is out of the question.

Victoria tells us, "If I could do it again, I probably wouldn't go on the show with him being the Bachelor."

Victoria says if Juan Pablo asked her to sleep with him now ... she'd turn him down, and not just for the anti-gay comments.  She says he's coming off as kind of a jerk on the show -- a real turn-off.

As we reported, Juan Pablo told a reporter ... he doesn't believe there should be a gay "Bachelor" because gays are perverted influences on children. He later apologized, saying he was quoted out of context ... and his English was bad.

Victoria's NOT on board ... calling the comments "thoughtless and inconsiderate."

She adds, "We should all have the same opportunities when it comes to finding love. Why shouldn't we have a gay bachelor? This is the 21st century, people."



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She's just mad she got booted and she trying to be a fame whore by spreading more bullsh*t

88 days ago

Joe the plumber    

Oh, I see Ms. celebrity bachelorette, hahaha. These self absorbed bimbos speak as if their voice was universal and they were somebody anyone cared about!

I'm sure you wouldn't sleep with him, you probably only sleep with your probable next meal ticket!

88 days ago


what does anyone expect from white American males?
their whole being is a BIG TURN OFF..!!!!!!
i guess seeing it on t.v really brings it home....
but these (w.A.m) a holes are the biggest cowards, hypocrites and haters of everyone and shocked every year.. women fall victim to these APEs and go on a show just to have these hypocrites and spineless child-like men sleep with them for bragging rights amongst their friends....we as women come off so desperate and clueless, yet we are supposed to be strong wiledl and independent.... shows like this are the reason women have such a small dating pool because we are programmed to look and be attracted to just one type of guy when there are so many different flavors out there the propaganda is that looking outside the box is bad and blacks are bad, that only a (w.A.m) is good, yea give me a break.! why has there not been a minority on the show.? same white male jealousy ..its pathetic!!!!!
fvck (

88 days ago


She would love an anal creampie on camera. That is how classy she is...

88 days ago


Go and talk with your fame whore friend Kim K. TRASHY ****!

88 days ago

Phil Mcl    

Would love to see what the rating would be like on a gay bachelor!!! It would be the lowest rated bachelor ever!!!!! They should do it, but they won't because it would show how unpopular homosexuality is.

88 days ago


How come there have never been a black bachelor??...maybe I would watch it then......if they have a black bachelor it would no longer be a would become a BLACK SHOW...

88 days ago


I've watched this show religiously for almost 10 years, but am skipping this season. I can't stand Juan Pablo.

88 days ago


Not everyone has to be on board with being gay. Sorry but people are still allowed to have their personal beliefs without everyone bashing them. I am a social liberal but respect everyone's right to believe as they wish. He is South American and I am sure Catholic hence his beliefs are rooted in his religion. Even if they aren't, he doesn't have to be a supporter of homosexuality just as I do not need to be a supporter of him or his dumb show. While I believe we all have the right to live and love how we want I do not believe everyone has to believe as I do.

88 days ago


BS, give that hoe enough money and she will do everything with her p.ussy!

88 days ago


If she was picked she defiantly would be in bed with him... I laugh at how bitter women portray themselves... She new what the show was about from the get go... Talk about a women's scorn.. 👩👨

88 days ago


Disgusting would never watch gay bachelor.

88 days ago


She's the one who acted like a 2 year old (seriously) and demanded to go home. She then made a half-assed apology (which really showed what a jerk she is), but he sent her home. I don't agree with his comments, but I'm glad he got rid of this obnoxious fame-whore.

88 days ago


The media and idiots have taken his co comments completely out of context and twisted them politically.
What he was saying is that a gay bachelor would be a bad idea, because gay men are far more sexual beings toward one another, so the passion and sexual energy might be a bit too much for non cable television.
Oh but the media turned him into this huge homophone and called him a biggot.. beyond ridiculous

88 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So basically this bimbo would have sucked his cocque if he hadn't made anti-gay statements.
Man, is she a slut or what?

88 days ago
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