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Justin Bieber

I'm Not a Druggie

I'm Just 19

1/21/2014 2:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0121-justin-bieber-instagramJustin Bieber is laughing at everyone who is worried about his drug abuse ... because he thinks what he's doing is simply the mark of a 19-year-old ... and besides, it's fun.

People close to Justin tell us ... he's laughing at the stories TMZ has posted about his drug use ... in particular, what has become an out-of-control sizzurp problem.  Justin's feeling is that he's young with lots of time on his hands -- as he puts it, "I'm on break."  There are no concerts or other obligations on his immediate schedule.

As we reported ... Justin's people have been urging him to get help for what has become a bad drug problem, but he has shut them down.

In fact ... over the weekend, Bieber posted a video on Instagram on an ice rink with the hashtag "worried bout nothing"

Check out the video.



No Avatar


The Cuervo Gold...The fine Columbian...Make tonight a wonderful thing.

273 days ago


That's ok JB buy all you can and drink all you can. When they find your body there will be one less.ahole. Drink up.

273 days ago


I know who else thought they were just young and unconquerable: River Phoenix, Brad Renfro, Christopher Pettiet, Corey Haim, Randy Rhodes, Graham Parsons, Sid Vicious, etc, etc, etc......

273 days ago


When I was 19 I was working 2 jobs. Granted I wasn't a millionaire but drugs were the last thing on my mind. Idol hands are the devil's playground my grandma always said..

273 days ago


I lol @ kids crying / haters complaining about jb who give a **** about him?! I could care less, I only care about eminem n ya keep complaining stop giving him fame you're getting him paid

273 days ago


What more is there to say other than this kid is a straight up idiot?

273 days ago


What your worry? Wait another 18-24 months, when you're homeless and BROKE, and see how many "friends" you have then. Oh, and 19 or not, you ARE a "druggie", and you'll keep escalating your BS until you're dead or in prison.

273 days ago


I'm laughing at all the comments from the low lives hating on a 19 year old boy. Half of you don't even use proper grammar and spelling.

273 days ago

Truth is    

Yea because druggies, alcoholics, liars and/or cheaters love to admit they are

273 days ago

al baby    

Denial is the first sign of being an addict

273 days ago

boo boo    

How the heck would Justin Beiber know what an average 19 year old does? Sounds like a Lohan excuse.

273 days ago


When I was 19 I was excited about the ps3 release and working my ass off so I could afford it on release day and dang it I got that ps3 on release day! I had basketball a ps3 and a girlfriend. Drugs are for losers.

273 days ago

Fry Daddy    

Slurping high octane cough syrup is part of being 19?! What else is, sniffing glue?!

273 days ago


He's 19, got 44 million dollars, can buy all the friends he wants, all the cars and lawyers he needs.
He has to hit bottom to overcome his NO PROBLEM. Be living in some apartment, have no money friends, lawyers or cars before rehab is even of some use to to this over blown teeny bopper "rock star"

273 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Dude, don't give us that lame excuse. A friend of mine that I went to school with, years later confess to me he started using drugs at only 9 years old. I knew he was a druggie, but had no idea he started at such a young age. Go get ya some help. Stop climbing that tree to tell your lies and/or tell lame excuses to cover for your problem, and start standing on the ground and start telling the truth. REPEAT AFTER ME, JUSTIN..JUSTIN HAS A DRUG PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO GET HIM SOME HELP ASAP. If not, you will be just like this dude I know. half of you life on drugs, and the other half trying to get off of them. The more you are on them, the harder it is to stop. It was for him. Good luck Justin, and if you can't stop for yourself, stop for your parents and the people that love and care about you. Justin think how they would feel if drugs took you away from them. When it comes down to it. No one cares more for you than you do, so when your so call friends (druggie friends) offer you this crap..JUST SAY NO THANK YOU. You are who you hang with, so find you some friends that left you up, not want to keep you down (stoned). What kind of life is that, hun?
I am sure you can find more fun things to buy, than burning your money to get high, and have nothing to show for it after. God bless you with a normal brain, a retarded person would give his right arm to change places with you, and I am not talking about the money here, and how to you thank God for your blessings? By getting high and frying your brain on drugs, and possibility (if you don't stop now) killing yourself.

273 days ago
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