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Kanye West

18-year-old Alleged Battery Victim

Wants Cash to Settle

1/21/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 18-year-old who Kanye West allegedly beat up last week in a chiropractor's waiting room has approached the rapper, asking for a ton of money to settle the case without criminal prosecution ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the 18-year-old tell us ... his lawyer called Kanye's people and expressed the desire to strike a civil settlement -- FOR A PRICE -- several hundred thousand dollars.

We're told the 18-year-old is adamant -- he does NOT want to go through a public trial.  As we reported ... Kim Kardashian claims the young man was hurling racial epithets, calling her a "n***er lover" among other things.  We're also told he has not been responsive with the police since the incident.

As for the $$$ ... although eyewitnesses in the Beverly Hills chiropractor's office say Kanye pummeled the guy ... we're hearing he has no apparent injuries.  Nonetheless, avoiding a criminal trial has a price.

Sources say both sides are currently in negotiations.


No Avatar


If you are going to hit someone, then expect consequences and backlash.

Going to be a hypocritical thug, when you use the N-word in your lyrics, then think it is okay to pummel an 18 year old, then run off to France like nothing happened.

How arrogant and narcissistic.

Your woman instigated it. She could have just walked away or called the police.

I hope Kayne is held accountable.

274 days ago


Doesn't matter what the guy said, you can't assault someone just because you don't like it. Pay up, ****a Kinte. If you had any brains, you would have kept your fists in your pocket, and recorded the racism, so you could file a human rights complaint like everyone else has to do in that situration. Then the guy would have to pay you, and he would be publically humiliated in the trial. If you want to live to see your daughter grow up, you better get a grip before you punch out the wrong guy and find a bullet in your face.

274 days ago


Kanye should have made it worth while I would have put that little bastard in a wheel chair. Because he knows why the ass hole was taunting him. Also it doesn't help that he has an ego bigger than the size of Kim s ass.

274 days ago


Too bad Konyuck isn't man enough to fight for his country.

274 days ago


Ok, I will bite. What is the race of the kid that said N*****L***R ?

274 days ago


**** the both of them. The one guy shouldn't be yelling out bull**** to people and Kanye needs to stop putting his hands on anyone that pisses him off.

274 days ago


He's a lucky guy. I'd like to get a chance to abuse Kanye so he can beat me up and pay me $200,000.

274 days ago

So, so silly    

Kanye is so stupid. He should know by now that use of that racial slur by various people of a race different from his own is solely to push one into giving a reaction. From the time I was in high school til now I've known that many silly cowards love to hurl this phrase. If you date interacially in this country you have to expect this type of flack. If Kanye had any common sense he wouldve laughed it off and the same goes for kim. She has dated a sufficient number of black men to have heard this phase before. Learn to have clever comeback and keep it moving. Same thing goes for this site, cowards make various racially charged comments soley for a reaction. I for one lolol refuse to take

274 days ago


I hve a question. ? Why do celebrities not replying 2 normal fans I am not a freak. ? Lolll

274 days ago


Kid wasn't lying about the N whore.

274 days ago


No you idiot, don't settle. You have a case!! Get him prosecuted & get paid!!

274 days ago


so many damn racist idiots who hide behind an anonymous username to literally call someone a "N loving whore." wow you all have so much time on your hands to hate someone so much. EVERY ARTICLE ABOUT KANYE AND KIM get TONSSSSSS of comments. you all need to admit, you fvcking love talking about them. you're all obsessed like stalkers... who HATE to love. psychos in my opinion. I would have BEAT dude a$$ for calling me ANY kind of name. FVCK a CASE. FVCK if it's true or not about her being a n loving whore. Lets for ONE SECOND actually be upfront and admit YOU ALL LOVE KIM AND KANYE. idiots.

274 days ago


I can't believe you guys believe this crap... Wow have you not learned anything from the Kardashian's PR team.. You all are suckers??

274 days ago


Since Harvey/TMZ likes to provide evidence of alleged crimes and/or crime scenes like the pics from inside of Beibers house... Where is the audio/video evidence of this kid using racial slurs and threatening to kill Kim??? Does it exist??? Did it even happen??? Is Kim an accessory to this crime??? Is Kanye on some type of drug that makes him angry at the world??? So many questions...

274 days ago

Dee Kat    

The kid got what he had comin but its ezier 4 kanye to pony up

274 days ago
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