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Kanye West

18-year-old Alleged Battery Victim

Wants Cash to Settle

1/21/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 18-year-old who Kanye West allegedly beat up last week in a chiropractor's waiting room has approached the rapper, asking for a ton of money to settle the case without criminal prosecution ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the 18-year-old tell us ... his lawyer called Kanye's people and expressed the desire to strike a civil settlement -- FOR A PRICE -- several hundred thousand dollars.

We're told the 18-year-old is adamant -- he does NOT want to go through a public trial.  As we reported ... Kim Kardashian claims the young man was hurling racial epithets, calling her a "n***er lover" among other things.  We're also told he has not been responsive with the police since the incident.

As for the $$$ ... although eyewitnesses in the Beverly Hills chiropractor's office say Kanye pummeled the guy ... we're hearing he has no apparent injuries.  Nonetheless, avoiding a criminal trial has a price.

Sources say both sides are currently in negotiations.


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Lol yeah right... It was all for PR. TMZ show the video of the kid looking just fine leaving the doctors office getting into the passenger side of what looked to be a VIP car service. Wow I knew the Kardashian's were low, but I didn't think kanye would be. What's the kids name? It's such BS... America still just doesn't get it about that family and I shouldn't even be clicking and posting on this article but I hate liars .. Smh

276 days ago


This is Baron Hilton story all over again.. All publicity is good publicity

276 days ago

People Annoy Me    

Course the kid doesn't want a public trial because everyone will see how idiotic he looks when the evidence of the case proves he's just a twit that couldn't back up his words.
Although, Kayne probably doesn't want this either and obviously they are looking for an easy payday. All in all, it's just two idiots and one happens to be scrawny looking. Surprisingly has a big mouth too if this turns out to be all true.

276 days ago


18-Year-Old Alleged Battery Victim Wants Cash To Settle............YES !, NAIL KENYA WASTE HARD WHERE IT HURTS, THE POCKET :-)

276 days ago


SURRRRRRRRE he always makes problems go away, right? Kanye is so predictable with his violence (insult him or his peeps and he'll beat on you) that this punk probably planned it this way. He'll get a big chunk of change just because he knew by insulting someone as insecure as Kanye is would mean being beat on...and a cash payout. Kanye should learn to control himself or he's going to pay out a lot more money over time.

276 days ago


Good for him. Putting your hands on someone else is unacceptable, regardless of what is being said.

276 days ago


I would love a celebrity to punch me so hard I hear a cash register cha ching sound.

276 days ago


Kanye has no choice but to pay up otherwise he is headed to maximum security prison for an extended stay....

276 days ago


Kayne should be prosecuted for assaulting this guy. You don't keep hitting someone when they take the fetal position, you don't hit someone no matter what they say to you. This is America, you cannot just assault someone for words they use, and how hypocritical when Kayne uses the N-word in his lyrics all the time.

If Kayne pummeled this guy like the witnesses reported while the 18 year old took a defensive protective position, Kayne should be held accountable and have this go on his record.

276 days ago


Physical abuse is never okay, no matter what someone says or if they are mouthing off.

That 18 year old was someone's kid too, how would Kayne like it when his child is 18 if someone pummeled her if she repeated his N-word lyrics?
He wouldn't.

276 days ago


What is his name??????

276 days ago


'Sources say both sides are currently in negotiations.'

And people wonder why the paparazzi are so aggressive. $$$$

276 days ago


This is all a bunch of bull...... I am sure Kim & Kanye's people have been in discussion... wanting any charges dropped and made an offer.. $$$$$ - but of course their people always spin it to appear like the kid is asking ..
Paleeze - Kanye is really a middle aged old man - trying to appear like he still got it on beat downs... Leave him alone in a Chi-town neighborhood - let him punch someone there... and this would be a different story.. and he knows it.... KKK PR at it's lowest....

276 days ago


I don't like Kim or's pretty clear what that little sh*t was trying to do ..and it might work. I've seen a few pics of the teen from that day and he's smiling in every one. ***ALSO when people come out right away asking for money.. that's a dead giveaway that it was their original intention all along. IF Kanye really injured you..PRESS CHARGES and then make him pay for your medical bills..that's fair.

276 days ago


And he should get every pennie he wants. Kenya and Kim couldn't handle hearing the truth. Now they are gonna have to pay. HAHA!!

276 days ago
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