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Dean McDermott

Accused of Royally Screwing Cooking Staff

1/23/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling
is not the only one who got the shaft from Dean McDermott ... we're told he has stiffed the people who created his new cookbook, even though he got tons of money for the project.

Dean currently hosts a show in Canada -- the Canadian version of the U.S. show "Chopped" and it's doing well in no small part because of his domestic issues. So Harlequin publishing company decided to make a cookbook deal with him.

So Dean authored a book called "The Gourmet Dad" -- a personal account of a guy's guy who cooks for his family.

Sources connected with the cookbook tell TMZ ... Dean received an advance of more than $250,000 from Harlequin, but part of that money was for Dean to cover all expenses.  When it came to paying the people who worked on the book, however, it was a very different story.

We're told Dean stiffed the following people:

-- Photographer ... $33,319.80
-- Food Stylist ... $14,648.74
-- Prop stylist ... $6,609.91
-- Canadian taxes ... $6,613.40

The people Dean stiffed say they've called him repeatedly and sent him emails and texts but he's blown them off.

Staffers -- many of whom work on "Chopped" -- are indignant, because they let Dean live in their homes for free during the book and show projects and fed him gratis. 

Now they call him "The biggest mooch in Toronto."

The next move, we're told is a lawsuit.  And they have an ace in the hole ... the photog wants an injunction, preventing Dean from using his pics until he's paid.


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Common Sense    

I think you should be putting 95% blame on Harlequin

235 days ago


The man is a living breathing SPONGE

235 days ago


And, people wonder why Tori's mother didn't give her more money from her father's estate? Clearly, Candy saw through this slimy piece of crap. He's after the gold mine. I saw him, on TV, telling Tori that she's so sexy, and he wanted her to have a bunch of kids. Such a freeloader ....

235 days ago


That is what this LOSER family does.....

235 days ago

boo boo    

Sounds like he spends a lot of time "screwing" random people all over the continent. What a guy! His kids will be pimped out in 3...2...oh wait, they did that already.

235 days ago


He is such a jerk. He cheats and steals. How much lower can you get? Tori is a fool to stay with him.

235 days ago

boo boo    

Yard sale time!

235 days ago


I feel sorry for their 4 kids. (5 including Jack) All the gossip about affairs, ripping people off, etc. and the media doesn't give a rat's ass that these children read this crap while in the supermarket line. And who the hell charges such fees to take photos and such? I find it hard to believe that with Tori being business savvy and understanding book advances that she and Dean forgot to pay. All for the sake of website hits, I guess. Funny, this is just coming out after the "alleged affair".

235 days ago


I had no doubt this guy was a crook. He married that Spelling woman in hopes of money, her Mom is a smart woman, she had him nailed.

235 days ago


What a slime goat and loser. Pay the people that worked for you.

235 days ago


Tori is the only person who apparently didn't know this guy was a douchebag!!!

235 days ago

Linda Moore    

Wow, Dean, you're really a peach!! Poor Tori, 4 children with this loser. She's such a hard worker and has carried him their whole married life. I don't know what she expected when he left his wife and son for her. He's just a very bad person and now this?? Run, Tori, run as fast as you can away from this loser!!

235 days ago


Tori…Tori…Tori…I commented on this story about Dean when it first came out about him having sex with the chick from the Vodka place. You are and always have been too good for him. I know he is the kids’ father but what you need to do is stay mum on any stories and do this divorce as quickly and quietly as possible! Let him have the headlines for now and keep yourself invested and busied with your babies. That is all that really matters anyway. Let this bad chapter blow over….I am sure you will emerge a more dignified and smarter woman …I know it hurts like hell to be betrayed that way and to also endure the embarrassment of everyone knowing your business…but you will emerge a new person with more wisdom and the ability to be an even better role model for your children. Stay on top, Tori…We <3 you …..

235 days ago


Ugh. A cardboard cut out would make a better host for Chopped Canada than Deano does. Thank goodness for great production and judges. That being said why would a company pay this 'talent' a bucketload of money to do up a cook book? I can't stomach the sh*t he already serves! Money would of been better spent on his ex writing a cook book....

235 days ago


I'm in Canada, and let me assure you - Chopped Canada is NOT doing well because of Dean McDermott. Check out ANY message board, fan group, etc. and no one gives a crap about him. The show is doing well because the judges are well-loved celebrity chefs and the contestants are people who hit close to home. No one I've spoken to understands why Dean McDermott is even on this show.

235 days ago
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