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Dean McDermott

Checks Into Rehab

'I Am Truly Sorry'

1/23/2014 1:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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0123-dean-mcdermott-tmz-tori-spellingDean McDermott now admits he has some big personal problems ... so he's checked himself into rehab.

A remorseful McDermott seems to be addressing reports that he cheated on Tori Spelling, saying, "I am truly sorry for the mistakes I have made and for the pain I've caused my family." 

Dean kind of mysteriously adds, he's dealing with "some health and personal issues."

Dean says he's getting help ... so he can become the husband and father his family deserves.


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I love tha haters!!!    

Wow didnt c this coming... I really didnt. Sorry tor hope all is well

217 days ago


NOW I GET IT!!! I had to to some research on those two. Apparently, as has already been mentioned--the two were previously married and cheated on their spouses for each other--as they deserve. Dean and Tori eventually marries, and Tatinka Money Bag Spelling dies but Mamen Moneybag Spelling is hip to what's going down and leaves Tori with essentially NOTHING (but for us would be the lottery). Meanwhile Dean and Tori bang out a few kids hoping that'll have to be worth something---but no go.
Tori get's pissed and starts a public battle with her mother reenacting her tantrums from her youth-that worked then) but Mamen isn't falling for it. Dean sees the writing on the wall, let's himself go and starts poking every stupid chick he can find.
Now what? Mamen was right after all (and Tori knew it) why would any a then good-looking guy want her, Dean is a gold digger. So here we are today, good-old-REHAB. (or as we normal people would call it, "hide out"). He'll go, see the light, get some religion and hope Mamen Spelling will fall for his performance and MAYBE throw a couple million in their direction. (dream on)
It's worth a try... nothing to lose

217 days ago


And they say the tabloids lie. Ha.

217 days ago


Looks like Tori is starving herself and Dean is stuffing his fat face.

217 days ago


This was a doomed relationship and Karma has struck. That being said Dean is a selfish , stupid,and dumb loser!!!

217 days ago

brenda rogers    

well he cheated on his wife with her and she didnt care what the wife felt or how they both hurt his children. She is getting her medicine!!!!! Hahahaha

217 days ago

Indy gal     

We have all been had on this one they are broke so this story was cooked up and the next thing will be her on a reality show where they get paid to act like she's standing by his side

217 days ago


If he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you. Tori, should have knew this would happen. Now she knows how his ex-wife felt.

217 days ago


So being a cheating bastard, a mooch, and a scammer who doesn't pay his bills, equals some sort of "illness" that needs rehab? It shouldn't take rehab for this guy to straighten himself out; him going to rehab is essentially announcing to the world that his behaviour isn't really his fault.

217 days ago


He's probably going to say he has sex addiction.

217 days ago


He really plumped up. He needs to throw some cheeseburgers towards his wife. That broad is sickly thin

217 days ago


Their all a bunch of lying no good cheaters! They all deserve each other. Pay attention Leanne this is your destiny. Hope it hurts, like it did for his first wife! Compounded by the humiliation and emberessment they so deserve. "We're different honey, we'll make it"! You're no different than any other liar or cheater, some call it sweet justice. Fools.

217 days ago


Imagine this is your life, you have to go to rehab in order to make the public want to buy your "brand" again. How sad that this is what they are reduced to. I mean any person of any sort of fame seems to go now. Poor kids

217 days ago


Rehab?? For what??

217 days ago


How did Tori get Dean to begin with? Oh yea they cheated on their spouses with each other. How does that saying go oh yea karmas a *****

217 days ago
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