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Standing By Bieber

He's Still Wearing Our Kicks

1/23/2014 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's DUI arrest has NOT cost him the support of a major sponsor ... TMZ has learned Adidas is standing by him -- for now.

The athletic shoe company tells TMZ, "Nothing is changing in our relationship with Mr. Bieber at this time" ... which sounds like they're leaving that door open.

Bieber signed a big endorsement deal with Adidas back in 2012 -- he and Selena Gomez are the celebrity faces for the company's NEO line.

The Biebs earned about $58 million last year ... a good chunk of that from deals he made to hawk sneakers, headphones, nail polish, makeup, a prepaid credit card and the acne cream, Proactiv -- which paid him about $3 mil until that deal ended.

None of those other companies -- as far as we can tell -- have made any move to ax Bieber.

And judging by that mugshot ... maybe he shoulda stuck with Proactiv.


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No Avatar


He seems to get unhappy when he's not with Selena. But she seems much more mature and together than him.

272 days ago

Mike L    

Yep another reason not to buy Adidas. As if their ridiculous prices weren't enough.

272 days ago


So ADIDAS condones UNDERAGE DRINKING... DRUG USE and endangering the PUBLIC by DRIVING UNDER(AGE) THE INFLUENCE... Hmmmmmmmm... NOT A COMPANY I WOULD GIVE MY $$$$ TO... although HOW RELEVENT is ADIDAS... they had BEEBS as a spokesBOY to begin with!

272 days ago

michael ramirez    

The sad truth is that since he is a celebrity he can get away with anything! meanwhile the normal ppl who dont commit crimes get ****ed over, how? by putting them a bail out of a **** load of $$ knowing that the average person cant afford a bail out smh, Hollywood life sure is a Hell to everyone

272 days ago

Eric Cartman    

I don't wish harm on no one, but I seriously would think the world would be a better place without this self-entitled dipsh*t. People have reached out to help him but he refuses to listen, so let him reap what he sows. He's responsible for his own actions. Instead of racing down residential roads putting the risks of other people on the line maybe he should do everyone a favor and go away peacefully on his very own without taking anyone down with him. I applaud his addiction and I truly hope he allows his personal demons to lift him off our planet. We all know this female will never grow up so let's just hope Justin Reaper will pop enough pills, smoke enough meth, and suck on Li'l Za's d*ck just one more time so we can all call it a day. I embrace the day it happens. It'll be like June 25th, 2009 all over again. Tick tock, tick tock. The curtain is quickly closing. Can't wait to pop open a bottle of champagne once the day arrives.

272 days ago


We need to hate on the Adidas website. Get them to fire Justin.

272 days ago


Deport the jag.

272 days ago


Correct me if I am wrong - legal drinking age in FL and CA is 21, right? So why is the punk assed, no talent kid getting into clubs that serve liquor? He is a little **** that should spend a couple nights in the "crowbar hotel" and maybe some one could smack some of his moms "christian roots" into his head. And for the love of gawd, don't send him back to Canada - we don't want the one hit wonder.

272 days ago


8009829337 number for Adidas. Everybody call them and tell them how you feel

272 days ago


Who wears Adidas?

272 days ago


No balls beiber

272 days ago


Hey bro throw some eggs at me bro

272 days ago


Bet if he were a conservative who made a gay joke he'd be dropped like a hot potato. Sick of the double standards for conservatives in Hollywood. People like this are considered heroes and get constant slap on the wrists for drugs and drinking underage and peeing in mop buckets, damaging property, etc... but say you're a God fearing person who is against Gay marriage and pro-life... you may as well kiss your career goodbye.

272 days ago


Boycott Adidas

272 days ago


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