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Justin Bieber

Radio Station Gives Him Silent Treatment

Until He Goes to Rehab

1/23/2014 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A radio station in Canada is trying to do what Scooter Braun can't ... get Justin Bieber into rehab ... but the station has a secret weapon.

Hot 89.9 in Ottawa just radioed out to its listeners -- Justin is persona non grata on its airwaves UNTIL he checks himself into a facility to get badly needed help for drug abuse.

So far Justin has laughed off all attempts to get him into treatment. 

Sounds good in theory ... but seriously, the guy hasn't had a hit in a while so who's gonna really notice?



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As a resident of Toronto, Canada... I can safely say no one gives a **** about Hot 89.9 nor has anyone outside Ottawa even heard of it. I'm not a bieber fan .... but this hiatus ... literally affects no one.

239 days ago

Finally a responsible party!!1

239 days ago


It's sad really ! The kid is only 19 has more money then most of us and is going to distroy his self because he is too young & dumb to realize what he has...just another spoiled rich kid that thinks rules don't apply...He needs to Check himself before he Wrecks Himself..

239 days ago


0.05? Did he have a sip of light beer? How can you blow that low...

239 days ago


NINE stories about Bieber, TMZ??!! overkill.

239 days ago


Even when he was popular he wasn't really a radio star, he was a YouTube sensation. While I applaud the station, it is kind of an empty gesture since I'm sure that if Bieber had a huge hit right now they wouldn't be doing this.

239 days ago


FORCING him to rehab will not help him. He needs to grow up, take some responsibility and go on his own will. THEN he will get better.

239 days ago


Forced rehab does NOT work. You have to WANT to quit!!

239 days ago


When an A-Lister gets in trouble.

Everyone comes in for a taste - some free PR.

B-listers, mayors, radio stations.

239 days ago


He uses the word "HIT" in a different way now.

239 days ago


I'm waiting to see what the top two radio stations in my home town do. They've both posted the photo and asked for comments, NOT ONE of those comments was in Justina's favor. For all the REAL TALENT out there, no reason they shouldn't pull this kid. BTW, one of those stations is "VIRGIN RADIO" how about "SIR RICHARD BRANSON" step up to the plate and make it absolutely known that not one of his stations will EVER play his music again until he checks himself. Man is a bazillionaire, he can afford to lose the 25 or so Bieber fans with 10 thousand accounts and nicknames.

239 days ago


Awesome..the rest of the world needs to follow this movement!

239 days ago


Hey, and why is this just isolated to Canada. Fans, stations, contert goers etc nee to buycot sales!. Even if you idolized the piece of $hit, dont you think you'd be doing him a favor! It called TOUGH LOVE, BABY!

239 days ago


Good maybe if everyone doesn't give a **** about him he will just go away, spoilt little arsehole thinks his untouchable can't stand the PIG

239 days ago


Justin has got diagnosed with depression 5 months ago. You know words hurt how many suicides need to happen to make people realize if u have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all. There is no reason to hate any celebrity. To lose respect for Justin is perfectly acceptable to hate isn't. You haters have ridiculed him for shallow reasons since day one and STILL do just along with hypocritical. Justin has feelings, he is human. I hope karma eats every single person up that has ridiculed Justin. There is a difference between an opinion and slandering someone, and bullying them. Justin's not a bad person. The people wishing harm on him are wishing to see him fall. Society is sick anyone who is getting bullied or is suicidal STAY STRONG❤️ If Justin ever kills himself I honestly have no reason to live same with others mass suicide across the world. 48 million if us will be gone.

239 days ago
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