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Justin Bieber's Dad

Partner In Crime

1/23/2014 8:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's father helped facilitate the insanely stupid moves of his son that landed him in jail ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... 38-year-old Jeremy Bieber was not only present when Justin was arrested early Thursday morning ... he was one of the people who helped block off the residential street so his son could drag race.

It's even worse ... Jeremy was in SET nightclub just before the arrest with Justin and was around him all day, when the self-confessed little pothead was smoking weed.

As we reported ... Justin admitted that he was under the influence of Rx drugs, alcohol and weed at the time of his arrest ... and Justin's dad was right there in the mix.




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have to wonder how old the tattoos are on pops - what a dewsh! But, not the first Canadian D bagger to walk on the sand of Miami - that's for sure.

grow up dude - and you are going to be going to a funeral if you don't get your kid's **** back on track eh?

272 days ago


disappointed that you missed a chance to use "unbeliebable"

272 days ago


Lol his dad was with em through everything till cops got involved and he got arrested.. lol

272 days ago


Yeah his dad's an idiot for supporting his douchebaggery, but he's 19. He knows the difference between right and wrong. Even my 10 year old knows drinking and driving is wrong and drugs are bad, m'kay?

272 days ago

Wow ...    

How incredibly sad for a father to stand by and watch his child abuse drugs. But then a gain, a real father teaches his child how to be responsible adults and contribute to the community - so I guess this explains a lot.

272 days ago


I've been saying that his dad was a negative influence for years. The tattoos, drinking, strip clubs, lack of clothing, and all around douchey wannabe thugness was inbreed in his DNA. If you look back at all the media coverage, including statements of Justin’s mom and Justin himself, it was always his dad who took him to do these things in the first place, as a birthday present or assentation into “manhood” (douchiness) sort of thing. Just look at how he carried himself, like father like son they say, and Justin was definitely imitating the behavior of the male figure in his life. Yes Justin is an overhyped douchebag, who not makes Canadians look bad (We US already love making fun of them), but all of North Americans by extension (mostly the US). He is ignorant, has no manners/respect for authority (just look at how he greeted his countries Prime Minister), and I still say his relationship with the Lil's goes way beyond being bros. But when someone young have no positive role models in their life because everyone is using them for money, doesn't ever tell them no or set any realistic boundaries, on top of never being brought up properly in the first, what does anyone think was supposed to happen?

272 days ago

boo boo    

Dad: "Who taught you this!?!" JB: "You Dad! I learned it from you!" And THAT'S one to grow on.

272 days ago

OK, you're all idiots.    

Look at this Jersey Shore looking, Ed Hardy Shirt wearing, walking on the beach with his shoes on mother****er. What a piece of ****.

272 days ago


that's what happens when you have kids too early folks.

272 days ago


sure his dad would help him, as long as the lil kid is giving up monies to him, but after what happened with paul walker, what dad would let his 19 year old son do this? unless he wanted the kid to be hurt?

272 days ago

Hell's Belle    

38 years old? Interesting. He was Justin's age when he had Justin. Can't imagine Bieber as a Dad right now. On a side note though I am starting to wonder if the Chic who was claiming to be his baby mama got paid off and that really was his kid.

272 days ago


Why hasn't he been arrested?

272 days ago


I wonder if they were gonna have a threesome with the prostitute, I mean "model."

272 days ago


I did a lot of stupid **** at his age but NEVER did my parents partake with me. They were too busy partaking with their own friends. #ghetto

272 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I didn't know that Justin was the child of teenaged parents. That explains everything. He might as be a Lohan with a dad that young mooching off of him.

272 days ago
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