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Seth Rogen

Justin Bieber Is a 'Piece Of Sh*t'

1/23/2014 10:33 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Seth Rogen has spoken ... calling Justin Bieber a "piece of sh*t."

Rogen posted the message on Twitter -- and it immediately blew up, with people retweeting the comment more than 10,000 times.

Rogen and Bieber have actually hung out together in the past -- most notably at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, where they seemed like they were getting along in a pretty chummy way.

Apparently, a lot can change in 3 years.



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You know what was a piece of sh** was Rogan's last film about the end of the world. We walked out, theater refunded our money. They played that movie until it rotted in the can, and still couldn't sell tickets.

252 days ago


Stomping on someone when they're down.

As an alleged authority on character, integrity...

When maybe J.B. just needs the help of a pro.

You don't see Phil or Jay McGraw ...

Making this kind of outlandish/judgmental tweet.

Re-tweeted 10,000 times.

As if that MEANS anything.

252 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

Rohan just upset because his career is ticking away. I used to like him but he has been exposed as talentless in his recent movies. He smokes weed and drinks, and I guarantee he did it at 19. Screw you Seth, I've lost a lot of respect for you

252 days ago


you're the piece of **** seth rogen. I hate how fat losers feel so bad about themselves they have to try and knock better people down to make themselves feel or look better LMFAO

252 days ago


Send his Punk Ass back to Canada,let them deal with him

252 days ago


"It'd be very fashionable and popular of me to give J.B. a good swift kick..."

Never knew you as a-cheap-shot-artist, Seth.

252 days ago


Tell it like it is, Seth!! Amen.

252 days ago


If you've ever been vilified and demonized.

Ganged up on.

You know how-weak-a-thing-it-is.

The Harper Valley P.T.A.

Sniffing-about your fallen/falling carcass.

Starched Shirts.

252 days ago

Seth's Mom    

Seth is actually a bigger piece of sh... He's envious of Biebs looks and talents. Seth made a career of the fat guy with pot giggles. Wow, he's amazing. If I could only get him to move out of the house that fat lazy piece of sh...

252 days ago


And that's putting it mildly.

252 days ago


I want to delete my TMZ account. The next Canadian BBQ is going to be awkward.

252 days ago


“The haters who constantly degrade Justin are the true jerks not Justin. They've never taken the time to get to know Justin. They believe obvious BS rumors and try and convince themselves Justin is a bad guy. Being cool or fitting in is more important then someone's feelings today in society which is sick. They've ridiculed Justin since day1 for shallow reasons still do now just along with hypocritical. Justin's hurt it's clear words hurt, pain changes people. Being a Belieber is about loyalty, respect and love. I've been here Since Baby and I'll be here till the day I die. Sadly a lot more suicides are going to have to happen for people to realize that's words do hurt and effect people in many ways. Proud Belieber💜 Karma's a b-tch haters watch yourselves u destroyed an innocent persons smile. To lose respect for Justin is acceptable to hate him isn't. Hope Justin gets the help he needs ASAP❤️”

252 days ago


You rock, Seth Rogan!

252 days ago

paul kimi    

saying that makes him such a great man!!

252 days ago


Seth just became my new hero!

252 days ago
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