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Justin Bieber

Cops May Have Fudged Police Report

1/24/2014 9:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There may be a gigantic hole in the case against Justin Bieber ... because we've now learned the singer had next to NO alcohol in his system yet cops at the scene said he reeked of alcohol.   

We have now confirmed Justin's actual blood alcohol level ... it was .014 -- next to nothing.  Legal intoxication is .08.  Law enforcement sources told TMZ Thursday Bieber had a .04 ...  but we've now confirmed that is NOT true.  He had a .014 -- an enormous difference.

Someone Justin's size would probably have higher than a .014 with a single beer.  So the question ... how could cops say they were overpowered by the smell of alcohol?

According to the police report ... the arresting officer was leaning into the car, talking to Justin just after the stop and the cop says, "I immediately smelled an odor of alcohol eminating [sic] from the driver's breath."

The police report goes on ... Justin was then arrested and taken to a holding facility, where another officer said he smelled "... the odor of an alc bev on his breath."

Justin insisted at the scene he was NOT drunk.  Cops say he failed his field sobriety test.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... this could well come down to a credibility case, with Justin's people accusing cops of lying.  Fact is ... the Miami Beach PD has had credibility issues in the past.  One law enforcement source confided in us ... "That police force has had a zillion problems."



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TMZ. Must have gotten the check from the PR team of Justin's......

272 days ago


The law in Florida is such that if you are under 21 and caught with ANY alcohol in your blood (even .01), it is a DUI. When I took math, 19 was less than 21!

272 days ago

larry fine    

Our Lord was also crucified for no crimes.

272 days ago

Pierced Princess    

I smell a big ole buy off.

272 days ago


Regardless, he was driving under the influence. There were all kinds of "holes" in the police report. Frankly, if somebody has been drinking even one beer, I can smell it and it is overpowering to me. The drugs in his system are also counted as driving under the influence. If a person has a minor surgery and then they drive right after, THOSE drugs used during that surgery can also be considered DUI. People have been arrested just for that scenario. I think in the Beavers case there should be a law, DWD, Driving While Douchebag.

272 days ago


lol ... only idiots still believe in cops who are simply organized criminals with badges

272 days ago


When's beiber gonna pull a Vince Neil so we can just end this flacid melodrama

272 days ago


They always say strong odor of alcohol ,bloodshot eyes unsteady on the feet slurred speech to ensure a conviction weather it is true or not..

272 days ago


Someone got paid off. Typical.

Hi, I'm Bieber's accountant. I'd like to offer the arresting officer a wad of cash to add some zeros to the front of that number.

272 days ago


Sounds like a cover up is in the works here

272 days ago


Ummmm there is the whole thing of UNDERAGE drinking . Even 1 beer is is enough to be arrested.

272 days ago


He is 19. You can not legally drink under 21. FL. has strict laws on underage drinking. This kid is a mess. His dad is a douche and who knows why mom just stands by. My question is WTF is with Scooter? Why has he not orchestrated an intervention or have him committed. Leave him if he won't get help. Do not just stand by with your finger up your noes. If you care about this kid make him get help or leave. Quit standing by like all the other yes people in his life. I'm losing respect for what I thought to be the best management in the business.

272 days ago


The cops were probably smelling that cough medicine justin is always drinking . Either way this kid needs help before he is another Linsey Lohan

272 days ago


he did weed and pills. and he looked stomed in his police mug shot. his people will do everything to keep their meal ticket out of jail. he could've hurt and killed someone while on weed and pills as he drag raced.. he still broke the law. he needs to deal with it. his little boney butt should be in jail.

272 days ago


Know who else has a credibility problem? TMZ. You had him convicted yesterday and you were proud of it. Great job reporting.

272 days ago
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