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Gloria Gaynor

I'm Not Homophobic

Just Really Religious

1/25/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124-the-abbey-weho-instagramGloria Gaynor requested no shirtless men be in her line of sight during her performance at a gay bar Thursday night ... but not because she's homophobic -- her people say the singer is just deeply religious.

The "I Will Survive" singer took a trip to the Abbey in West Hollywood -- a gay mecca -- and performed her new song ... but the gig was delayed when Gaynor insisted managers remove all go-go dancers from the room.

The place is known for it's scantily clad men in speedos ... but Gloria's people say the 64-year-old diva was just protecting her image -- and it had nothing to do with the strong possibility the men were gay.

In fact, the rep says Gloria is an equal opportunity offender ... and makes an effort to never take pics with shirtless men OR provocatively dressed women.

Check out the picture at the Abbey.  You could make the argument it's kinda religious ....



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Hey Look,

There's Harvey.

274 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Was that Harvey at the bar?

274 days ago


She has all her life to live and all her love to give so I'm just not getting this.

274 days ago


so is now homophobic to not want to be around a bunch of half naked men if you are a female? the gays stop at nothing to force acceptance of their life style choice

274 days ago


Just take a look at the second pic. No disrespect to the guy, he's just trying to make his money, but she is a respectable church woman. Not many would even step foot in a place like that. She did them a favor just by being there. She doesn't need the $$$.

274 days ago


Ummm...if you guys at TMZ are suggesting a resemblance between the picture of the g-string wearing dancer and depictions of Christ hanging on the cross, you might have actually hit a new low here. Once again, you go ape-poopy over a gay-slight (which in this case isn't a gay-slight at all) and feel the need to insult another group of folks in the process. Your insane, singularly focused hypersensitivity is going to be your undoing here...

274 days ago


Straight bars have dress code, she performed at a gay club and asked for men to keep their shirts on. She's straight, she's attracted to men. Its not about sexuality its about respect. She's religious and performing in a gay club, what more of a demonstration of tolerance do you want? Did you want her to perform in a rainbow coloured snuggie?

274 days ago


old washed up hag should be happy a few people were willing to hear her sing, btw did she lip synch??

274 days ago


I DON'T SEE A "PROBLEM"............



274 days ago


It doesn't sound like this story has ANYTHING to do with being gay... sounds more like she just didn't want any half naked people in the pictures.... which I can agree is an odd request based on where she was performing.

274 days ago


All about respect... She's old enough to be their Grandmother.

274 days ago


Not homophobic just really religious ......PUKE and if you were as you claim REAL RELIGIOUS ...I thought YOUR GOD loves everyone .....

274 days ago

Just My Opinion    

If the woman is highly religious, what the hell is she doing performing in a gay bar?

274 days ago

Now Pull-leeze    

Please, give me a break. She is one of those "religious" people who can quote scripture and verse, but treats the people around her and who work for her like dirt. She's religious on the outside, but on the inside, nothing but shady and bitter. Instead of worrying about how clothed people are - which has nothing to do with religion by the way - she needs to look inward and follow the most basic principle of religion. Love thy neighbor like your self. Please, Diva!

274 days ago


Gloria,asking Dancers at a Gay club not to make money by showing off their bodies,as many clubs do BTW,this isn't just a gay issue. I doubt you paid those Dancers and if I were one of them I would be pissed to have even laid eyes on you in the first place on the day you walked into where I worked. Next you will be saying..." I can't sing in places the serve alcohol." IMO,its more dangerous to be around a bunch of drunk people that have no boundaries about what comes out of their mouths. Not Naked Dancers is a bar in which you agreed to appear for money,its not charity work,bitch! Only when its Charity work can you be prudish about the who,what,when and where.. OK>>(NB) You're a control freak with a strong sense of religious freakism. Very typical double standard propaganda from the religious world. Lets be strong about our beliefs and when we walk into a room we better not see anything contradicting hats coming out of our mouths. You like control,I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT IN THE 1980"S THE CLUBS YOU PERFORMED IN WHERE A LOT MORE RACIER THAN THE GAY CLUBS ARE TODAY>!! Yes,NB,you made a lot of money then too.. What you're doing Gloria..GAY-NOR,is like a practicing witch being asked to speak at a christian event for a fee,that witch arriving and saying..."I don't want to see any crosses,no Jesus pictures and NO ONE IN A CHURCH HAT!" Do you really think any Church would want to pay her to speak there? SING GOSPEL music, BITCH! OH that's right... IT DOESN'T SELL WELL>!!!!! Gloria GAY-NOR you are taking advantage of an avenue from your past to make money through the blood of the gay community. That being said,why be prudish now? WHAT YOUR AVENUE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY CLOSE QUICKLY. People are going to be like...NNN,NB..I wont be paying for that... Then you will be invisible again like all the honorable people that have rapidly died from aids in the 1980's that the world has forgotten. Those victims were the real warriors of a time long gone by...

274 days ago
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