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Gloria Gaynor

I'm Not Homophobic

Just Really Religious

1/25/2014 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124-the-abbey-weho-instagramGloria Gaynor requested no shirtless men be in her line of sight during her performance at a gay bar Thursday night ... but not because she's homophobic -- her people say the singer is just deeply religious.

The "I Will Survive" singer took a trip to the Abbey in West Hollywood -- a gay mecca -- and performed her new song ... but the gig was delayed when Gaynor insisted managers remove all go-go dancers from the room.

The place is known for it's scantily clad men in speedos ... but Gloria's people say the 64-year-old diva was just protecting her image -- and it had nothing to do with the strong possibility the men were gay.

In fact, the rep says Gloria is an equal opportunity offender ... and makes an effort to never take pics with shirtless men OR provocatively dressed women.

Check out the picture at the Abbey.  You could make the argument it's kinda religious ....



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Sharon Sparrow    

You haters need to stop the star bashing. For one thing, artists do NOT get paid for doing a impromptu appearance and singing one song. If she waited to get paid for a appearance like this to introduce her new single to her FANS, she would be homeless. Now go make yourself a productive member of our society and make a contribution more worthy than slander. BTW, The Abbey is open to all people no matter what your sexual preference is.

269 days ago

Free speech!!!     

How come gays and blacks can say whatever they want even if it's racist or not PC .... But when whites make a comment their racist or homophobic? Last time I checked the 1st amendment applied to everyone...... Not just when people are using it to express themselves!!! This country needs to get back to the good old days when people actually had respect and loved this country!!! You can't just use the amendments when there for just your cause!!! If we all stood together as 1 nation no one in the world could stop us!!! USA ALL THE WAY!!! BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!! If you don't like it get the **** out!! This country was founded on certain ideas if you don't like them go to another country and see how free you really are!!!!

269 days ago


That was cool of them to comply. Odd she'd go there if she had issues with half naked people, but no harm done.

269 days ago


I guess her singing at Kim Kartrashian's wedding is out of the question...

269 days ago


She doesn't have any problem taking the money from the gay bar to perform there...

269 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

I'm not a racist I am just a grand wizard in the KKK. See the difference? Being part of a social group makes it all seem ok right?

269 days ago


Do gays have ANY ability to act like normal human beings? And you wonder why no one wants you around their children. You are so bereft of common decency that when a NORMAL person politely requests that you behave like CIVILIZED ADULTS rather than wild, sex-crazed animals and simply cover up your diseased asses in a PUBLIC venue, you resort to the ONLY refrain your tiny little pea brains can conjure -- calling someone "homophobic." What a pathetic group pf sex-obsessed whiners.

268 days ago


While I can understand that she might feel uncomfortable around scantily clad people, I'm getting tired of reading about entertainers making demands when they're on a job whether they're being paid to sing, mingle at a party, act, etc.


The time to put your requirements out there is during the negotiation process. After that, you're the hired help. You go out there and do what you're getting paid to do.

268 days ago


Let's be realistic if the black staff at TMZ were true to themselves, and their race, not to their boss. They would admit that 1st It's against their religion, and 2nd In our race to submit to another man in that way would belittlle our manhood. Also if I think that oral and anal sex between men is discusseding does this make me homophobic?

268 days ago

Jorge Cruz    

To be honest I am gay and I don't always want to see strippers grinding in my face when I go out with friends. Especially if people were there to hear her sing, no doubt the strippers would be fighting with her for attention. If we are at a point in history when the homophobes are performing at the Abbey in West Hollywood instead of jumping the patrons in the alley afterwards, I say we have come a long way.

268 days ago


The Gay community made Gloria Gaynor famous and she may want to research history as to when Donna Summer did pretty much the same thing to us! Will never support Gloria ever again!

267 days ago


I'm homophobic and PROUD of it!!!!

267 days ago


This bitch made her money off of the backs of gay men. i saw her in a club in jersey where people were half nude. she is a hypocrite. take her bible and ram it.

267 days ago
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