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Justin Bieber

You be the Judge

1/25/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's all about Justin Bieber this week ... and not in a good way.  Thursday's arrest makes the egging incident look like child's play -- which it is -- except he could be charged with felony vandalism.  So we gotta ask ...


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Don't nobody care about Justin punk tail he already done fail off he is a waste of time and effort

274 days ago


Justin has turned into a punk whether or not his fame or money gets him out of legal trouble. He may be able to buy his way out of all this with the authorities but he can't buy public respect. You only have one name. Once you destroy it with a bad reputation it is hard to get your good name back again.

274 days ago


Ew stop with that mug shot already. I swear he looks like Hilary Swank in boys don't cry. Definite tranny.

274 days ago


flush this turd back to canada

274 days ago


people forget that its beliebers who buy his music so haters gone hate but it makes no sense because you have never bought any album of his so STFU.... turkish belieber

274 days ago

Truth is    

So in other words, Justin Bieber is a ________________

274 days ago


I am really surprised at the: I'd want Justin's life?" vote. Who wouldn't want to have all of that money? It doesn't mean that you would act they same way that he is apparently acting. It wouldn't mean that you would have all of the "drama" that he apparently has.

274 days ago


if i could have his life i sure would take it.....the diff is that i'd handle things like an adult.....i'd make the money while people were still into me....i'd stay out of the drugs, no boozes, no tramps......and by the age of 25 i'd be retired and living a high end simple life that could be maintained for life

274 days ago


I don't like the RIP comment ! He's a kid ! They do stupid things to even put that is so tacky ... Do any of you remember what its like to be that age ? The egg thing is so stupid ! ITS EGGS ! He didnt shoot up the guys house ! The dumbest thing he's doing is getting behind the wheel of a car .

274 days ago


justin is guilty, he egged his neighbours house. he is on drugs, i would not want his life to be him. that is just sick. he is just 10 years with the way he is going he will be a has been on the streets of Toronto...or dead.
unless he wises up. but with people he hangs out with and parents who are mental. he will probably be dead.
noone is getting him help. they all let him do what he wants he is their meal ticket. he needs a role model who can help him get rid of these friends and get his life back on track. but it is unlikely to happen.

274 days ago

She's baaaack    

Tiny little pizza face, emotionally stunted freak. This crap is his death knell; the beginning of the end for his tiny Canadian white ass. It can't happen soon enough.

274 days ago


I'm sorry but anyone who hates this KID is a douchebag. I KNOW all teenage boys in America have done worse by a hundred. The ONLY bad thing justin has done is egg someone's house.. after egging his OWN.. and getting caught saying f u to pictures as he was running by which he called in person to say he was sorry. And no I don't care about the mop bucket.. Ithink thats a sign he is overworked.. just pee here and get back on stage and work, mule!

274 days ago


You be the Judge comments for Justin Bieber are very negative due to the they are made by second class Americans or maybe third. Justin Bieber is a Canadian American and most comments had to be made by F*a*g so called USA Americans. Hey gaf you know Mexicans are also Americans a couple of steps above USA. YOU HAVE BEEN LABELED.

274 days ago


All you Justin Bieber haters read the latest posting on TMZ about how the Cop try to frame him for some fame.
Speeds under 50, Blood alcohol level was .0l4 not .04. It very plain that the cops that stop him are A*s*s*H*0*l*e *s just the the one who made the negative comments. Innocent until proven other which is the Canadian American way but In the USA it seems that mother Justis is F* u*c*k*e*d. Face it the Cops lied and should be charged with fraud.

274 days ago


I don't like the kid, his attitude or his lack of respect - I'm sick of seeing his girly face. HOWEVER, NO one should be railroaded by the police like that.

274 days ago
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