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Justin Bieber

You be the Judge

1/25/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's all about Justin Bieber this week ... and not in a good way.  Thursday's arrest makes the egging incident look like child's play -- which it is -- except he could be charged with felony vandalism.  So we gotta ask ...


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I think some of this has gone a little too far. RIP, seriously?! I bet this kid just needs some help to get his life back on track and he will be fine. Yes, he has made somewhat dangerous mistakes, but with all the hate that has been thrown at him, it seems like he is a murderer. I can sympathize with him because I am his age, and if I had people do***enting every part of my life, I would seem like I was spiraling out of control as well. In reality, he is just a college-age kid making some mistakes, and people need to cut him some slack.

270 days ago


What the **** TMZ, why the hell would u put a poll for the boy to maybe, possibly be dead in 10 years. Are u mother****ers all on ****ing drugs there. There's joking and there's going too far. Hell according to the ****ing site he may possibly be innocent. Like everyone has it all figured out and together at the age of 19. Look at Charlie Sheen crazy ass and the look at Robert Downy jr. It can go either way, but don't put some ****ing **** about dying dip ****s!!!!

270 days ago

kim is a publicity whore    

Justin's career is gonna end soon, and he derserves it, but why is his life worse off than lindsays? I think hers is worse off. Just like the new tara reid, getting paid to party. she cant do movies anymore. she looks like shes 40.

justin is reckless and going down the wrong path also, but he still has millions, he's still popular amongst tweens or whoever listens to him.

they both have ****ty parents too..

270 days ago


How about dead in one year? or better yet Someones future butt buddy in prison? This punk needs a cold hard lesson in reality...not just fines, BUT Rehab AND jail time...

270 days ago


oh,he be sooo gangsta.............

269 days ago


Bieber sucks, but some of you and your hate is pathetic. Chances are very slim that he will be dead in 10 years. And he is nowhere near as bad as Lindsey.

269 days ago

Antiquark 18    

There is a simple solution for Bieber....DEPORT HIM

269 days ago


Who cares if the dbag wasn't drag racing he he was driving a car under the influence, there was alcohol in his blood he is 19 which is underage throw the book at him

269 days ago


I hope the teenager can learn from his mistakes, but history is pointing to more mistakes. Bieber has no good parental role models in his life. His parents were not ready to be parents when they had him. His parents knew nothing, and still no little about raising a child star. Very few parents who are from the lower socio-economic backgrounds are. Jodie Foster's mother and Brooke Shields' mother knew what to do in order to rear their children into healthyadulthoods, and these mothers were not perfect beings.

Bieber lacks moral role models. He is undereducated and does not know how to learn on his own. He is choosing thugs to be with, thinking that thugs are "cool." He will continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over again unless someone responsible and sensible enters his life and guides him.

269 days ago


It's Florida. Maybe they were pissed when they couldn't hook him up with Casey Anthony and tried to trump up some charges on him. Better luck next time. He's a dead man walking.

269 days ago

Comment king     

Let me be the Judge. Guilty Guilty Guilty! Perfect timing as well. He should not plead guilty unless he truly is on all charges however this will only bring him a bonus in his private security if he is found guilty. He was caught driving on Alcohol and was also taking Prescription Drugs (hopefully his prescription) and was also on Pot. That is a recipe for rehab. Will he go? If he does that would be stupid. He should just plead guilty and change his behavior. Also get some style! He looks like a Highschool Drop-out not a Michael Jackson Replacement right!

269 days ago


Miley Bieber is a dirtbag.

269 days ago


All of the hate is pathetic

269 days ago


Only a narcissist would smile in their mugshot. If they threw him in general population, he wouldn't have that smirk on his face.

269 days ago


i have to literally laugh outloud at the haters that said they would not want his life

yeah, how horrible. Rich beyond your wildest dreams, pretty much any woman you'd ever want, the freedom to never have to work, the fact that your job is your passion, the enormous mansion, the freedom to do anything, anywhere he wants..

HORRIBLE i tell ay

the kid is a total dip****, but every single person that checked that box would probably cut off a limb to get that life.

haters... you should watch the 'hobiit' episode of southpark.

269 days ago
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