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Justin Bieber

My Kitchen Is Drug Central [PHOTOS]

1/26/2014 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's been well-stocked on weed for a year -- and there's picture proof.

TMZ has obtained multiple photos of Justin's kitchen taken at the beginning of 2013 ... when Bieber was 18.

The photos show an elaborate weed set-up -- including a bong, a substantial amount of weed, and other paraphernalia.

TMZ published photos of Bieber holding a blunt in January 2013 ... the first pics ever of the singer toking what appeared to be weed.

The kitchen seems to be drug central ... Bieber's pal Khalil recently posted the pic of himself in the singer's kitchen, holding a styrofoam cup -- a marker of lean ... the drug we know Bieber's been seriously abusing for at least a year.

And of course, there's the infamous smoke room in the mansion.


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234 days ago


TMZ you guys are probably the lowest. You have no proof whatsoever. Everyday you have more **** to make up about Justin. Half of the **** you say doesn't even make sense. Like the egging case. So his just going to egg his own ramp? There's no logic there. You're just trying to make up **** so people hate on Justin and agree. However agrees with the **** you say should really go get themselves checked out. Why do you feel the need to always make up **** about Justin? Lowest ****s out I swear. And to those people who are saying **** about Justin too, get a life. His nineteen, going onto twenty. Don't believe everything you read ****s. Imagine being diagnosed with depression for five years and having the whole world against you. Then having ****s like TMZ follow you everywhere you go. They only tell you half a story and most times they don't even tell you the proper story. No one has proof Justin egged the house. Justin never dragged or drove while he was drunk nor did he take drugs at the time. He only took prescription pills. The police that accused him got fired. But that never made the news because that's not important enough to know. Because all everyone wants to hear is the bad stuff. You guys want the best for the world yet you guys listen to *******s like TMZ and don't listen to the real story. Justin has done so many good things but it's never made the news because you *******s are only interested in the "bad" things he does. His 19. His not perfect, expect him to make mistakes but don't believe everything you read. Look at his Instagram photo. He posted the photo of himself getting out of jail next to a photo of Michael Jackson getting out of jail. Coincidence that they both were accused of doing something they didn't. Don't write hate towards Justin unless you really know him. Have a heart. His a normal person like the rest of us. These days we're too interested in the "bad" things people do and we forget about all the good things. If all the good things Justin has done isn't enough, then I don't know what is. Please just research all the good things Justin has done. You'll finally realise his not a bad person. Forever a belieber. 7 years and strong.

234 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I am sure he has a prescription for medicAlarijuana. If you are a pot smoker in California and don't have one, that's dumb. Since its legal there, like it should be in Florida!, then this is a non story. I think he should just be allowed to live his life and people shouldn't be so invested in how he choses to live it. You don't have to like it, but it is somewhat of a free country still

234 days ago


I'm not mad at you Bieber, chill out, I got cousins who party just as hard. Just don't get caught up in the legal crap, you're too gifted for that mess!

234 days ago

Truth is    

One more and I'll start sipping lean!!!!! This is getting old.....wake me up when he ODs with lohan....

234 days ago


Who's taking the pix? .. time for new friends

234 days ago

Soda pop    

Face it the guy isn't that bad.

234 days ago


Dislike my comments. I really don't give two ****s. You guys just can't handle the truth and knowing how low TMZ are. It's probably fake accounts sending hate towards Justin to make people on their side :')

234 days ago


How much you want to bet his dad knew about this room? How much you want to be this dad partakes of everything in the room?

234 days ago


who cares they should all overdose and die

234 days ago


money, jewels drugs and *****s yeah he is asking to be robbed
your a small whilte canadian not a thug grow up before you go broke

234 days ago


Can we deport him already

234 days ago


Stick to drumming and acting ..oh and being an ATM for your no talent hangerz on entourage and mommy & pops..

234 days ago

Just My Opinion    

WOW! If this was a middle class dude, he would have gone to jail, but because this dude is rich and famous, he gets out and goes to the beach, like what he did was no big deal. I wish people would put more value on someone's life and well-being, and stop loving money more than doing what is right. No wonder we have kids doing what ever the frick they want to these one gives a damn about them to help them.
More so, if money is involved.

234 days ago


We get it. The rich kid and his friends party.

234 days ago
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