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Justin Bieber

My Kitchen Is Drug Central [PHOTOS]

1/26/2014 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
's been well-stocked on weed for a year -- and there's picture proof.

TMZ has obtained multiple photos of Justin's kitchen taken at the beginning of 2013 ... when Bieber was 18.

The photos show an elaborate weed set-up -- including a bong, a substantial amount of weed, and other paraphernalia.

TMZ published photos of Bieber holding a blunt in January 2013 ... the first pics ever of the singer toking what appeared to be weed.

The kitchen seems to be drug central ... Bieber's pal Khalil recently posted the pic of himself in the singer's kitchen, holding a styrofoam cup -- a marker of lean ... the drug we know Bieber's been seriously abusing for at least a year.

And of course, there's the infamous smoke room in the mansion.


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Yu Lee    

So TMZ is the world's official expert on all drugs! Are you supplying them too?

270 days ago

Her Imperial and Royal Majesty    

So many people have wanted Justin Bieber to just go away. They've even offered him a plane ticket to anywhere other than the U.S. This story seems to suggest that, thanks to his escalating use of drugs, he will be fulfilling everyone's fondest wishes very soon and permanently. Sad but true.

270 days ago


ohh he smokes

270 days ago

jedd wilson    

i thought tmz was now on justin's payroll tmz like a summer sandle,flip flop ,flip flop.

270 days ago

Yu Lee    

Why are you hiding your source? We know Lil Twist got kicked out recently and he's probably the one leaking these photos? It all started with "peeing in bucket" but you're drip feeding them one at a time! Why? So you can defame Justin each and every day of the year!

270 days ago


Dear, TMZ Please stop talking about this kid, it's become annoying and no adult really cares about this snot nose child. There are soon many other famous/semi famous people to announce dirt on. There are numerous scandals you haven't even mentioned! I now have to go to or to get other news because TMZ repeats themselves over and over and over!

270 days ago


All I see is "Broncos vs. Seahawks Cheerleaders: Whod You Rather?" when I click to see the pics..

270 days ago


I almost can't believe I am commenting on this, but I am.... anyway... REALLY TMZ? I mean Bieber is a little **** for sure but I could care less about weed. Most of America could care less about weed - so the point is SO WHAT? Bieber is a stoner, more power to him.

270 days ago


You all are extremely pathetic people. As much as to kid is annoying and in your face because of the media, to actually wish such horrible things on any human shows why you are all do pathetic. He's 19 get over it, it's his life hell deal with the consequences. I realize people get so bitter when a story involves someone rich. And what 19 year old doesn't experiment and act out at that age. Only difference is this kid had been working since 12 give him a break. Media is bunch if bs anyways, you guys live for these stories so you can rant like it changes anything about your own lives. Who cares one day he's speeding next day he isn't. Miami police is corrupt, tmz changes stories daily they never have it right at first. And the world is full of morons who actually care more about this kid than real issues going on. All you people are honestly way too invested in things that have nothing to do with your life. Wish people the best, and hope everything works out for them sickos

270 days ago


*this so* *of excuse the errors new phone chappy auto correct

270 days ago


TMZ?! Y'all turning into wack azz MTO. A styrofoam cup = drinking lean? Smh.

270 days ago


He sucks!!

270 days ago


I have been putting this kid down over how bad he has became over time. Now I realize his parents should take most of the blame, and I feel sorry for him. Money and fame does not make a bad adult. It is children who become rich who's parent's are in the corner foaming at the mouth, and do what it takes for their piece of the cash coming in after he becomes of age. You are suppose to guide your children away from drugs and alcohol, no matter how much money he has. Instead of making him a drink, and rolling a joint for him.

270 days ago


Good detective work - not to mention he's been bragging about his pot use for over a year.

270 days ago


Good God. It's something new every damn day. Aren't you people getting sick of writing nonstop stories about the kid? He's fukking 19 years old. Let him love him life how he wants to. And the haters need to seriously hop of his dick. Like for real.

270 days ago
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