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Justin Bieber

Usher in Panama for Save Justin Summit

1/26/2014 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0126_beiber_usher_instsgtmaUsher has high-tailed it down to Panama to talk some sense into Justin Bieber ... TMZ has learned.

Justin and his mentor posed for pics with a woman who appears to be a Panamanian Belieber (they really are everywhere).

Sources tell us Usher flew to Panama for a serious come-to-jesus with JB on the heels of his arrest in Miami.

We're told Justin's manager Scooter Braun, and Justin's childhood friend Ryan Butler, are also there for the sit-down. Scooter got roped in for a pic with a Belieber at the resort where they're all staying.

We haven't heard this word used, but this meeting has all the earmarks of an intervention.

Worth noting ... even the fan who posted the Usher pic acknowledges the kid's hit rough times, describing him as the youth idol who some love and many others hate.



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"What’s so bad about sizzurp? So, about those opiates and antihistamines: they’re no joke. Codeine, like its more potent cousin morphine, is frequently used to treat pain. While codeine can make people feel a sense of euphoria, it can also cause itching, vomiting, and constipation, which are definitively un-fun things. Most serious, though, could be the fact that codeine can cause hypoventilation, a potentially fatal inability to breathe properly. Abuse of codeine can lead to physical dependence on the drug, which comes with a whole host of nasty withdrawal symptoms once someone tries to stop using it.

Promethazine is the element of prescription cough syrup that you may not have heard of, but it’s just as dangerous as codeine, if not moreso. Promethazine is an antihistamine that is typically used to fight nausea and to induce sedation. In low doses, promethazine can enhance the effects of codeine, causing more euphoric feelings than codeine alone. However, high doses of promethazine can also cause potentially deadly central nervous system depression and hypoventilation , extreme weakness and drowsiness, and constipation."

Source -

232 days ago

fer fer    

There are alot better music artist out there doing better for themselves then this kid. I would rather gear about them and their positive lives, then have to read about clowns like this that will waste his talent and wash up and become a burger king worker in 5 yrs.

232 days ago


in order for justine to stop with the drugs, he has to stop with the enablers first, like his parents! but i have a feeling this kid will be dead within a year at this rate.

232 days ago


How long until The Bieb fires Skippy and tells Usher to scram? Not long I'm sure. He already told his dad's parents to get lost. He doesn't want to hear anything but you're great.

232 days ago


There is a saying that goes "you're actions speak so loudly I can barely hear what you are saying". Usher, you have my utmost respect. Kudos to Scooter also but he manages him so he has an interest and his motives could be questionable, Usher on the other hand was a man of action for selfless reasons. I'm a conservative woman who isn't too fond of the movie and music industry because they use our money to promote too many liberal views and act very hypocritical (ie they have bodyguards and guns, ie they fly their private jets yet we should all drive tiny tuna can cars. Given said that. Usher, conservative or lib, kindness and compassion trump all. XOXO

232 days ago

Jessie Taylor    

Now the question is will he be allowed to re-enter the U.S. ? Hopefully not!

232 days ago

Jessie Taylor    

Now the question is will he be allowed to re-enter the U.S. ? Hopefully not!

232 days ago


You reap what you sew - Braun created the unaccountable, irresponsible, entited cash-cow brat, and now he is going to try to play the hero and 'save' him? Good luck with that.

232 days ago


Doesn't Justin Bieber realize that with his Bieber fans, that him abusing sizzurp could glamorize it and then one of his fans could try it and it may be too much and stop breathing and die?

Would he want that on his hands to know he has such influence over some of his young followers?

I'm sure he has lost fans but those still hanging on to his every headline, may then go try what he is doing in regards to this cough syrup abuse, and they may die from it.

He is being reckless not only with himself, his brand but the young fans who sadly look up to him.

He does not get that he could be behind encouraging his young fans to try this because he is doing it.

Stop, if not for yourself, for those fans of yours who made you famous to begin with, so one of those young impressionable fans does not end up dead because of what you are doing, so they tried it.

232 days ago

the truth    

Justin would be much easier to take if he just didn't dress like a Ed Hardship taking your shirt off in douche pants...stop being so arrogant

232 days ago


Don't save him, he don't wanna be saved. Isn't that song by three 6 mafia?

232 days ago


He looks like a scared little mouse.

232 days ago


Sex addict mentors drug addict. Nice

232 days ago


I stopped reading Perez years ago due to his obvious favoritism I think TMZ is next seriously this little twerp and stories have been now non stop; its boring and ridiculous at this point. We all know he is a spoiled BRAT and they way he speaks to people and treats them is incorrigible.... I find it ironic that he was to be "respected" as a musician when he has NO RESPECT for others including officers of the Law.

232 days ago


**YAWN** move on TMZ

232 days ago
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