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Mick Foley


The Royal Rumble Was a Disgrace!!!

1/27/2014 7:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley says last night's Royal Rumble was so badly mishandled, it was a slap in the face to wrestling fans ... all because the WWE refused to allow a HUGE superstar to participate.

Foley -- aka Mankind -- went off on social media right after the Pay-Per-View event ... blasting the org. for not including bearded fan-favorite Daniel Bryan in the main 30-man event.

"I've never felt so disgusted at the conclusion of a WWE (or any) PPV," Foley said ... "Like many of you out there, I just don't get it."

The fans at the event were just as pissed off as Foley -- 'cause when it became clear Bryan was participating in the RR, the stadium erupted in "boos" that continued for the rest of the event.

Foley -- who's still under contract with WWE (for another month) -- also tweeted, "Does @WWE actually hate their own audience?"

After the Rumble, Bryan also tweeted ... saying, "Sorry guys, the machine wanted me nowhere near the Royal Rumble match. But I thank everyone for their support."

He added, "They try to keep US down and away from the top spots, but they can’t ignore the reactions forever. Keep voicing your opinions."

As for Mick, he claims he's so upset with the WWE, he's going to throw a brick through his TV to protest. 

Stay tuned for that.

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No Avatar


I didn't know people were watching this fake entertainment! Get real UFC

268 days ago


Yup the RR was badly written. We need Vnce Russo back! Also, is it just me or did the ending seem like someone goofed. I sense that Reigns was supposed to stay in and Batista loose. I say that thinking Batista going from real UFC fighting to wresting entertainment caused him to put too much force in throwing Roman over the ropes. Could he of botched the ending using this as an excuse but really wanting to headline Mania?

268 days ago


@jbl it wasn't the best Royal Rumble ever! I completely agree with Mick Foley!! Rather than put Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble they put in some no name guy with no skill or finesse what so ever. What nonsense!

268 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Does VinnyS Mac still run the show or has he shifted over to his kids?

268 days ago

Tony Chliek    

He sure has come a long way. My son and I saw him over 30 years ago, wrestle in a local high school gym here on Long Island where he lived. He wrestled under the name Cactus Jack along with some washed up old WWF stars and wrestlers I never heard about again.

268 days ago


Mike not a happy shareholder you ****ing prick... stocks are $21.41 this time last year it was $7.50 and most ppl got the rumble in the USA for $10..so whats ur point besides you talk out of YOUR ass. where are your facts? and its not like the stocks fell after the rumble they actually went up since friday.. YOU'RE WELCOME!!!!

268 days ago


MUTLEY you are a smark you think its a work but your judgement is clouded. Buy thinking you know what going on. It's not a work WWE did **** up and foleys not haired on by WwE the only thing he is doing with the company is saturday slam...and contract for that is up in a month. So stop trying to pretend you know the biz. You are just a mark who thinks they are smart...but a mark none the less.... YOU'RE WELCOME!!

268 days ago

Janet BeCraft    

I agree with Mick Foley, The Royal Rumble was a Disgrace last night. Daniel Bryan should've won the match against Bray Wyatt and JOHN CENA should've beat Randy Orton's ass for The WWE World Heavyweight Championship because Randy nearly killed John Cena's father. He injured John Cena's Sr bottom jaw.

268 days ago

peddle petter    

True that, since all this crap is not real and predetermined just REAL entertainment. At $55 a pop for PPV plus what the take at the gate Is, everyone there should make as much noise booing during the RR not necessarily to the "Talent" but only to to the folks in the front office. (Vinney Mc, Board Members, Steph, HHH, Kane, Vickie, Brad) By the way. Has anyone notice that this old bearded man who the WWE calls a War Hero- Zeb Colter, is actually an old time Southern Region Wrestling Association called NWA Wrestler named Dirty Dutch Mantel. About WWE's Network. Don't buy it, hold on to your Money. Like a previous posts you'll eventually see it on the internet for free just be patient.

268 days ago

peddle petter    

@jbl looks like a south end of a north bound horse quiche somehow had pissed in his oats.

268 days ago


Umm the last time wwe had a watchable product was probably way 2006. Only cared for wwe 1985-2004.

268 days ago


Its true. Two very big names came back after an extended hiatus and now they're getting all the spotlight. WWE should've put them back to doing mid show stuff and keep the somewhat interesting stories in the forefront. Foley is right.

268 days ago


He's been a star wrestler for so long he doesn't give a crap what the WWE has to say. With only a month to go on his contract its not like firing him will have any effect. Plus, Mick Foley is one of the most intelligent people in wrestling, despite his character's image.

268 days ago


How did a guy who looks like Pitbull's Grandpa win the rumble?

267 days ago


TMZ - This isn't news. It's a WWE "Work" already mentioned below. Leaving Daniel Bryan off the Royal Rumble, the crowd's angry reaction, and Mick Foley's reaction are all a part of a bigger purpose - promoting Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is in the weird predicament of being the top face of the company, but not the top merchandise and ticket seller. In other words, he gets great crowd reactions, but that's it. WWE is trying to fix this by manipulating the audiences and media into talking more about Daniel Bryan in order for it to manifest itself into more dollars for WWE.

267 days ago
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