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By Dropping N-Bomb Online

1/27/2014 6:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna straight "f**ked up" when she dropped the N-word online in a shout-out to her son ... so says the rapper Nelly, who tells TMZ, "She need to get her sh*t right."

Nelly was leaving a Grammy party at 1OAK nightclub on the Sunset Strip when we asked about Madge's super-controversial Instagram post ... the one where she referred to her white son Rocco as a "n**ga."

Nelly says he's cool with Madonna because she apologized ... but it's clear from Nelly, Madge doesn't have, or ever will have, a pass to use the N-word.

... no matter how many black kids she adopts.


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Roberik 22    

Who made nelly the boss ? To say who needs permission. Really? Who does he think he is. 15 mins are up

232 days ago


"Givin' a pass", like anyone's under the authority to give somebody a pass. All y'all holdin' passes can hang on to them, because they don't exist.

232 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

I dont disagree with Nelly. My comment is that black people WE F'd up when we started using the word. Any wise person knows that despite the fact we call one another N-Words doesnt clean up the word. To me, its an egregious disrespect to all former slaves and people who endured hanging, cross burnings and more in the USA. Why would we as black people be mad Madonna said this word? It perplexed. To me, my opinion, it should only be seen as wrong if blacks werent calling one another the word. Then id say its legit to say Madonna was wrong. Other wise, i cant support an uproar and Im black as the night. No mistake that Im black,hahhaha! I agree she messed up saying it because what Madonna represents, she reps support for gays/lesbians/and I thought all races from her videos and I thought intolerance to any discrimination!!! I DONT thing Madonna is racist, I repeat, I dont think Madonna is racist. I just feel she should be aware that she is a symbol of equality via her old vidoes and songs. I have respect for her and feel no way shes a bigot ! She has adopted a black child and has dated several black men, doesnt mean people cant be racist if they do these things but, most who HATE blacks dont sex them nor adopt them. Nelly is right,she messed up, I agree with him on that point!!! LGNM

232 days ago


Because we know their blacks are showing respect when they say it, whites aren't. Whites use ni88er, we use ni88a, which stands for Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished. It's all love when we use it.

232 days ago



232 days ago


Yet he acts like a **** and that is ok. What evs.

232 days ago


This is the kind of trash Obamas hang out with and party with at the White House.

232 days ago


It's wrong for anyone to use the "N" No matter what race they are. All the rappers etc should be saying sorry to the younger youth who look up to them and copy what they are saying in their music. ( drugs sex money and the "N" )

232 days ago


madonna always has said the truth and fought pretentious people and she can say what she wants under freedom of speech. Love, whitey, haole, loco, ******lover, etc

232 days ago


This is terrible reporting. Madonna did not say "******", she said "*****". She actually said via Instagram hashtag, "#Dis*****" to be exact. Though it is probably still frowned upon to say either, "******" is much worse than "*****". Unfortunately with many young people nowadays, "*****" is used commonly.

231 days ago


Since my last comment was censored. She did not say the actual N word, ending w/ "n**ger". She used the word "n**ga". "#DisN**ga" is what she actually used.

231 days ago

Nobody Special    

Words are just words. They don't hurt people. Most of nus here have heard all the bad words commonly talked about. No word offends me enough to give the person saying it a second chance to say it twice. i will either walk away or ignore them.

Funny that Kangay Pest uses the N-Word every day and in his music, but if a non-black person says the word it turns it into a racial issue. But black people can use the N-Word and it's not about Race, it's about saying hello.

I know words cannot hurt me and I know my mother wears Combat Boots.

It's all Silly Really.

231 days ago


Madonna! please stop trying to keep up with 20yr olds and get rid of that annoying grill .Time to get some self respect don't you think.?

231 days ago


Nelly's new album flopped because it sucks!

231 days ago


Who is this nelly girl?

231 days ago
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