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Justin Bieber

Deportation Petition Goes To White House

1/29/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber may be moving sooner -- and way farther -- than he planned .. because THE WHITE HOUSE will now consider whether Bieber's ass gets deported back to Canada.

The Biebs' lawless streak is now on Pres. Obama's agenda ... 'cause tens of thousands of fed-up Americans have signed an online petition on the OFFICIAL White House website ...demanding Biebs be deported and his green card revoked.

And here's the thing -- the White House has PROMISED to review any petition that gathers more than 100,000 signatures within 30 days ... the Bieber petition already has more than 102K in just 6 days.

The petition calls JB a dangerous and reckless drug abuser who is "not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation's youth."

Here's the thing -- none of Bieber's alleged crimes would get him deported under current immigration law. So this is an extreme long shot at best.

Your move, Obama.

Fun Fact : Angry Americans tried to get Piers Morgan deported in 2012 with a similar petition. He's still here.



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What a ridiculous waste of time. I wonder how many of our tax dollars are going to be wasted to disprove the legitimacy of all of the signatures?

265 days ago


This is insane! A 19 year old guy eggs a house, has a drink and drag races, gets in a few fights (mostly with paparazzi) and people want to deport him??? He's acting like 80% of all 19 year old males. The White House or President will be reviewing the petition which people have wasted time signing??? How about people spending their time signing petitions for the government to deport all of the terrorists that have moved to our country in the last 10 years and live their lives planning on killing every American instead of a guy who sing songs, eggs houses and drag races???

265 days ago

Ruthann Adamsky    

Now, now! The sweet-faced boy hasn't hurt anyone, and I'm sure he has the money to pay any damages. If you want to get rid of a Canadian who HAS hurt this country-deport Ted Cruz!

265 days ago


They wanted to deport John Lennon for less than what Bieber been doing...Send him home and let him get back on track. Talented kid wasting away with bad influences here. JMO

265 days ago


Why not keep Bieber and deport Barry Obama?

265 days ago

Orlando Rosario    

Deport his ass.

265 days ago


John Lennon had deportation papers signed against him for much less..I say send the kid home to Canada until he gets back on track. JMO

265 days ago


Please don't waste taxpayer money on this. Yes, he is out of control and needs to be punished and held accountable for his actions, but in now way should this be a Presidential decision. Let the local authorities deal with it. Where are his parents? Shame on them for not watching out for him and reeling him in. I have seen where a few celebrities have tried to help and guide him, but nothing about his parents getting involved. Sad if they have given up or they are enabling him to behave this way.

265 days ago


he should be sent back who needs him here creating trouble maybe he will OD

265 days ago

News Flash     

One of Beebs housekeepers is coming on TV to confess seeing Za give Beebs a pill. NBC reporting

265 days ago


This is not the first time this kid has been in trouble. Deport him back to Canada.

265 days ago


Of course he won't be. Should lose his license, pay a hefty fine and be on probation for some period of time. He's here legally and will go through due process. It is the non-deportation of illegal aliens that should be of more concern.

265 days ago


Thousands of Americans are that concerned about what the Bieb is doing? They must not have a lot going on in their own lives. There's a lot of pop stars doing a lot worse than the Bieb. He's just a kid, but way too full of himself right now. He'll grow out of that as he matures.

265 days ago


Soooo, Where do i sign :)

265 days ago


We will take him back and get him out of the States with the likes of Chris Brown, Lindsay Lohen, Amanda Bynes etc. he needs to come home before he ends up like the rest of them. I think it's funny that people have time to sign a petition to deport him then look at the real issues you have. Murders, unemployment etc.

265 days ago
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