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Justin Bieber

Deportation Petition Goes To White House

1/29/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber may be moving sooner -- and way farther -- than he planned .. because THE WHITE HOUSE will now consider whether Bieber's ass gets deported back to Canada.

The Biebs' lawless streak is now on Pres. Obama's agenda ... 'cause tens of thousands of fed-up Americans have signed an online petition on the OFFICIAL White House website ...demanding Biebs be deported and his green card revoked.

And here's the thing -- the White House has PROMISED to review any petition that gathers more than 100,000 signatures within 30 days ... the Bieber petition already has more than 102K in just 6 days.

The petition calls JB a dangerous and reckless drug abuser who is "not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation's youth."

Here's the thing -- none of Bieber's alleged crimes would get him deported under current immigration law. So this is an extreme long shot at best.

Your move, Obama.

Fun Fact : Angry Americans tried to get Piers Morgan deported in 2012 with a similar petition. He's still here.



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The problem is....Justin Bieber was trained to be a thug by his mentors in the American music industry.

1. CeeLo....a grandfather who gets young girls drunk and stoned on ecstacy, so he can have sex with them. He pleads not guilty in court, but admits it in a taped conversations. He was also sexually harrassing Christina Agulara at work.

2. Usher....who humiliated and dragged his children's mother through court, over money, while she was greiving the loss of her other child. Sex tape scandal, and also stole song rights.

Children raised by ghetto trash...become ghetto trash. You made him, now you can live it.

P.S. The NRA and the Republicans tried to deport Piers Morgan over his support for gun control. I don't think he ever urinated in a restaurant kitchen though.

Justin, you cannot break laws in the usa like the natural citizens can. I guess Scooter forgot to mention that to you.

267 days ago

Gotta love Canada    

Ok that makes sense. Only in the USA would something like this happen. Deport someone for using drugs. Well then I guess half of the US should be deported as everyone knows drug addiction is rampant in the USA. I guess it's simple jealousy because this sucessful young man is Canadian and not American-SUCKERS!!!!

267 days ago


This is stupid..

267 days ago


Geez, people really don't like the Biebs. Lol I remember him saying that he'd never become an American CitiZen because of the Health Insurance here lol maybe his thoughts have changed since he's facing deportation

267 days ago


This is too much. Really, the WH has more pressing issues to worry about and bigger criminals to deal with than this snot. He's not the only artist who's a bad influence, I can name dozens of young rappers, for one, and actors and actresses that are a bad influence on the youth. Does it mean he won't have any even if he, by the infinite small chance, got deported. watch your kids, don't blame the artists or music, they don't raise your kids, you do.

what a laugh this petition. It will never happen. The only reason he got so many signatures is cuz he's so famous and people hate him. I'm not an exclusion, by his recent behavior and actions, but this is ridiculous.

267 days ago


While there is no legal justification to deport The Beaver this petition is representative of how most feel about that person. It will create additional awareness and hopefully affect his income.

267 days ago


Please President Obama , let beibs stay in the US Make him a citizen so we can bar him from coming back to Canada, we don't want him.

267 days ago


Bieber should buy NEVERLAND. He could turn it into "Babyland"

267 days ago


Original petition can be found here.

267 days ago


So stupid and ridiculous. Seriously why does everyone care so much what this KID is doing. Get a life

267 days ago


Please President Obama don't deport beibs, make him a we can bar him from Canada ...we don't want him

267 days ago


What a dumb move be some who are brain dead!!!!! President Obama has more important matters to look after then some dumb A*S*S who posted their name on the petition. The other is a CNN host Piers Morgan in 2012 and he still in the USA as a talk host. I will educate all you dumb A*S*S 's who want him deported. The bottom line is, HOW MUCH TAX DO YOU PAY TO THE IRS: HOW MUCH TAX DOES JUSTIN BIEBER PAY ? I hope I have expanded you knowledge of the real world.

267 days ago


I agree with some that this is SOOO STUPID and I'm no fan.

267 days ago


Obama won't do anything but this sends a message. I signed a petition last year to get the White House lit gold for childhood cancer. After months of waiting for an answer they said no but Obama put out some dumb proclamation about it that I'm sure nobody heard about. And then lit the White House pink for breast cancer. Obama doesn't even care that lots of kids are dying of cancer. That gets the least amount of federal funding. So I don't see him doing anything about The Bieb. But at least we can tell the White House we don't want the creep in OUR country.

267 days ago


Get a life. What difference will it really make?

267 days ago
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