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Justin Bieber

Miami Beach Cops

Subpoena TMZ 'Drag Racing' Video

1/29/2014 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miami Beach cops have subpoenaed video TMZ posted which they believe might show Justin Bieber was drag racing, but it seems the cops are barking up the wrong tree.

The subpoena seeks "All videos related to the drag racing incident involving Justin Bieber on January 23, 2014 on Miami Beach, Florida."

Here's the problem.  The videos we posted do NOT show a drag race on Pine Tree Street ... as the cops described in their police report.

Furthermore, our videos -- all shot before Justin and Khalil turned onto Pine Tree -- do NOT show them drag racing at any point.

One video (above) shows Justin leaving the club in his rented yellow Lambo, revving the engine and leaving quickly ...  but Khalil and his red Ferrari are nowhere in sight. 

TMZ broke the story ... the GPS device on the Lambo shows one of the cars clocked at a maximum speed of 52 MPH and the other 47 MPH ... and that was only as they left the club.  Both drivers slowed down and in the middle of the alleged drag race they were actually traveling BELOW the speed limit -- 27 MPH.

The other 2 videos show the Lambo at a stand still -- In one he's sitting in the car outside the club as fans come up to speak with him.  In the other, Justin's already been pulled over.

We're assuming cops want our video to help justify the traffic stop ... which is interesting.



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why were suvs blocking the road? drag racing? he was driving without a valid license was high on some **** did u see his mug? his eyes were glossy as ****! stop sticking up for thos piece of ****! hes GUILTY! keep him in the US cuz us Canadians dont want him here

177 days ago


The cops pulled him over 15 blocks from the time the cop says he saw the two nuckleheads heads speeding between around 50. TMZ keeps saying they maxed at 52 and 47. I'm going out on a limb here... But maybe that's when the cop saw the speeding occur? Beibs is 19. He had alcohol in his bloodstream. Not to mention prescription drugs and thc. And he was driving on a suspended license. He's going down.

177 days ago


TMZ is creaming their jeans for all this embarrassingly sad attention they're getting.

177 days ago


Well, you sure didn't have a problem posting pics initially and writing your stories for PROFIT and are now backtracking right?

177 days ago


so they closed off a street so they could go 30 mph? what the ****

177 days ago


Who cares! Move forward. Hope the douche moves back to Canada.

177 days ago


In other words all these articles you have been screaming showing he wasn't drag racing because YOU got video of the incidents is all pure Bullshyt from TMZ cause it wasn't on the "actual" street he was stOP !!!

Way to go TMZ....Show the world What Blatant Muck rakers you are...

177 days ago


Why wouldn't they just get the videos from the original source?
Was any of the video filmed by TMZ or did they just acquire it from someone else?

177 days ago


So why can't they get the video from the original source? Did TMZ film this themselves or is it from surveillance cammeras?

177 days ago

Sean Kelly    

They don't want the video to justify the stop, they are trying to get you to shut your lying mouth. You don't have video of the entire event; you don't have the GPS output; you don't have evidence that the two drivers were not legally DUI... fact is you don't have ****. This is just more Harvey Levin bull****.

177 days ago


stupid little punk., revving the engine like that to be even more of a attention who%re little punk. Its sad when you cant be satisfied with all the stupid little beliebers around the world, instead you gotta run the streets like trash looking for more attention. THANKS TO HIS MOM PATTIE LA-CRACK for raising such a little punk drug addict.

177 days ago


someone should tell beebs about the magical product called "clear eyes"

177 days ago


Why subpaena it? do they not have internet to go online to see it any time they want in Florida?

177 days ago


TMZ doesn't know what the cops are looking for. TMZ doesn't know what constitutes drag racing in Florida either and hasn't yet researched it. Is Harvey on vacation? Most lawyers know that cops like to get all the info they can from all the sources possible to get all the details. This coverage is getting boring.

177 days ago


Rest in peace DJ Screw

177 days ago
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