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Justin Bieber

Miami Beach Cops

Subpoena TMZ 'Drag Racing' Video

1/29/2014 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miami Beach cops have subpoenaed video TMZ posted which they believe might show Justin Bieber was drag racing, but it seems the cops are barking up the wrong tree.

The subpoena seeks "All videos related to the drag racing incident involving Justin Bieber on January 23, 2014 on Miami Beach, Florida."

Here's the problem.  The videos we posted do NOT show a drag race on Pine Tree Street ... as the cops described in their police report.

Furthermore, our videos -- all shot before Justin and Khalil turned onto Pine Tree -- do NOT show them drag racing at any point.

One video (above) shows Justin leaving the club in his rented yellow Lambo, revving the engine and leaving quickly ...  but Khalil and his red Ferrari are nowhere in sight. 

TMZ broke the story ... the GPS device on the Lambo shows one of the cars clocked at a maximum speed of 52 MPH and the other 47 MPH ... and that was only as they left the club.  Both drivers slowed down and in the middle of the alleged drag race they were actually traveling BELOW the speed limit -- 27 MPH.

The other 2 videos show the Lambo at a stand still -- In one he's sitting in the car outside the club as fans come up to speak with him.  In the other, Justin's already been pulled over.

We're assuming cops want our video to help justify the traffic stop ... which is interesting.



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Will TMZ make the cops watch a 30 second commercial before the usually worthless 14 second video starts? These days, if a TMZ video clip starts with a commercial I just back out of it and go onto something else.

266 days ago


TMZ is jumping the shark on Bieber. Too many articles, too much taking his side. Bye TMZ.

266 days ago


Deport Bieber -

266 days ago


Who cares his kid is a danger!!! Spoil brat go back to Canada !!!

266 days ago


Now if TMZ lied they're in big trouble. They stated Justin wasn't drag racing and now they're saying they don't have the actual footage.

266 days ago


How is this an update to anything? If I read one more flucking article telling me, "thing is"... And there be no exciting, news worthy, plot twist, I'm going to gouge my eyeballs out; to be sure that I'll never read tmz again.

266 days ago


Justin may get all these charges dropped. Police are not supposed to pull anyone over unless they have a reason such as speeding, running a red light, not using a turn signal, weaving in a lane, etc., etc. They are not supposed to pull someone just because they "think" they "may" be doing something wrong or they "think" they "may" be DUI. If it was a bad stop, his attorney will probably get everything dropped. However, the fact that they had the road blocked off definitely gives the appearance of an intent to drag race even if they were not actively drag racing. That may be enough. I don't know. It is an interesting case.

266 days ago


im just laughing at the obvious 180 that tmz has turned on this. the day of they were ripping bieber.suddenly bieber is an angel and they rip the police department.maybe the police department pissed tmz off and bieber and company paid tmz some cover up moey

266 days ago


"Drag Racing"

Isn't That When Harvey & Andy Run Around The
House Wearing Victory Sectrects Lingerie?

266 days ago

There's a problem here    


266 days ago


Why is this story getting so much attention? Justin must have pissed off somebody important..or mabe a war or something is underway so they want this garbage toppin the headlines..its just not making sense to me.

266 days ago


Justin's former housekeeper is telling her story- In spanish.

LIL ZA Constantly calls Bieber over to put pills in his mouth.

266 days ago

Elias Schulkin    

If you think Bieber is a dumbass, read this one: Absolutely incredible.

266 days ago
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