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Tongues Out with Miley

What, Me Old???

1/29/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Refusing to age with even a hint of grace, 55-year-old Madonna clung desperately to her youth on stage last night with Miley Cyrus ... like a narcissistic mother trying to be hotter than her daughter.

It's just ... painful.

Madonna and Miley (who's 21 by the way) hit the stage together last night in cowboy get-ups for Miley's "MTV Unplugged" show in Hollywood ... but it felt more like a TLC special.

It's just the latest in Madonna's "I'm still hip" campaign -- in 2012, she named her tour "MDNA" an obvious play on MDMA ... and even once asked a crowd if they'd "seen Molly" ... a sad out-of-the-loop reference to the same drug.

Oh yeah, and a couple weeks ago she referred to her white son as "dis n**ga." Good lord.



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ahhah great tongues

235 days ago


Madonna is big with youth who are trashy, same with Miley. Some will grow out of it, some will stay trash and follow these two. Gross.

235 days ago


Get off the stage, Madonna. Nobody wants to see grandma tongue. Your craggy face is too harsh to look at.

235 days ago


Horrible. I'm so sick of looking at Miley Cyrus' tongue it makes me wanna puke.

235 days ago


Wouldn't it be funny if bird pooped right on her tongue?:)

235 days ago


Plastic surgery gone horribly awry. Madonna is a desperate, pitiful hag. Her sorry attempts to be "hip" are failing miserably. She was awful on the Grammys and teaming up with Miley continues her downward spiral. Madonna put out clues that she was gonna be that embarrassing old woman and now it's happening for real.

235 days ago


Good grief. Madonna has truly "Jumped the Shark," and, like me, is old enough to understand this reference. Madge, it's REALLY, REALLY okay that you're getting older. All of us are. Don't be afraid of it. You can still be relevant in your own way -- why not carve out yet another new niche, which you are so great at doing -- rather than keep trying to trudge the same tired old road of "Hey everyone....LOOK AT ME"? This thing with Miley is just....sad...and one step away from gyrating with Justin Beiber. Have some class and collaborate with someone like Pink (if she'll have you) or even mix up genres a bit and partner with someone in country music or even rock.

235 days ago


Somebody uppercut her chin when she is doing this so she bites her damn tongue off. Such an idiot trying to start some kind of trend or have something to be known for. Plus if you are going to insist on being so cool and sticking your tongue out at everything then brush that damn thing.........the white on your tongue is actually parasitic poop from microscopic bacteria that live in your mouth.

235 days ago


I never pegged TMZ as being a bunch of ageists but alas I stand corrected.

235 days ago


Where can I get a T-shirt ?

235 days ago


Oh thank god, I'm guess that Miley's 15 minutes are almost up! After all hasn't it been proven that preforming with Madonna is the kiss of death to popstars. Well at least in Britney and Xtina's case it certainly started their downward careers spirals.

235 days ago


This world is coming to a end...once upon a time, were aired in MTV wonderful unplugged with great musicians, such as Eric Clapton, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, REM, Pearl Jam, Kiss...Nowadays, we have one desperaty Madonna featured as guest in a "MTV Unplugged" with Miley Cyrus...My God....

235 days ago


I'm so embarrassed for Madonna. Good lord, how pathetic.

235 days ago


Such a nasty whore. I really cant stand either of them. Both ****ing nasty morons clinging to whatever attention they can get. It's pathetic you can have mediocre talent and make it big. Both ****ing jokes.

235 days ago


Both those bitches are off the scale when it comes to gross and disgusting.

235 days ago
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