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Nick Carter

Send Bieber Back to Canada

My American Bro Is Better Anyway

1/29/2014 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is no Aaron Carter ... so says A.C.'s older bro Nick, who tells TMZ the Bieb should take his Canadian ass back to where he came from, stat!

Here's the deal ... we were out at the Maxfield store in Malibu yesterday when we asked the brothers if there was any real comparison between Justin and Aaron -- a former teen heartthrob who some people say was the "original" Justin Bieber.

That's when Nick broke it down ... saying, "Justin Bieber's cool and all ... a whole new generation .... but he's Canadian. Aaron's American."

He continued, "Go back to Canada, Justin ... America, stick with my brother."



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I noticed all the heaters are all men is it that his good looking worth alot money and could get any girls he wants. CARTERS you are in no position to judge. Lets stop putting him down all of you so called actors, singers, isnt that called being a bulling to a point he will get depress. Stop puiing him down and lets help him his only 19. The Carters change there life around why cant the Bieb.

236 days ago

Miss Bobby Henderson    

Dear TMZ
I am a older Canadian woman and I have said to bring Justin Bieber back home as a learning and cleaning up experience. But I am furious with Nick Carter for trying to make this an American - Canadian thing. He should know better. There is plenty of music for the whole world. Justin Bieber is not stopping Nick's brother Aaron from having a career. Aaron has been trying for years before Justin even came on the scene. It is what it is for your brother. Not up to Justin. I feel Justin should come home for different reasons than giving your brother an opportunity. Come on Nick, I thought you were more mature than when you just opened your mouth. Canada is a good country Nick. In the last many years most of your comedians, some actors etc. are all from Canada so please stop putting us down or you could loose a whole lot of your own fans, forget your brother. There is plenty for all talented musicians and singers. I expect an apology for your juvenile remarks.

236 days ago


i'd rather have beiber

236 days ago


for those of u that don't know a thing about the Carter brothers. Nick is a backstreet boy the youngest one of them. the Carter family yea....they had their problems with addiction of drugs/alcohol but those brothers are clean now. even if Aaron is broke so he is still fighting the good fight. and they are both way better than that stupid freaking biebs idiot. so shut the hell up guys.

236 days ago


I personally dont think being canadian has anything to do with it. Justin got caught up with the wrong celebs. Im sure if he hin out with people like one direction and other celebs that dont do drugs he would of been fine. He had to many people influencing his bad behavior. I actually like justin before he got into drugs. However im a 90's baby so i would choose aaron anyday. I would also have to say i LOVE the backstreet boy still. And as far as all the comments saying the carter boys are jealous because they are broke, no you need to get ur facts straight. Nick is still around. Actually was just on tour last year. So that has nothing to do with it. Botton line is everyone is intitled to their opoion.

235 days ago


They look like two strung out crack-who*es

235 days ago


Ew, Carters...

234 days ago


I think Nick needs to do a little less talking and stick to his *singing* FYI Nothing differentiates Americans from Canadians but territory. Not to sure where he was going with that comment about Justin Bieber but maybe thinking that is one comment he should have kept to himself.

232 days ago


Just sayin

232 days ago


Aaron has some new music out and you can download it for free on his soundcloud:

224 days ago


He wasn't making it an American/Canadian thing he was just saying Justin should go back to Canada where he belongs just like Aaron belongs in America. I'm sure if Aaron went to Canada and did all the things that Justin did people would be saying send Aaron back to America.

65 days ago
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