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'Vanderpump Rules' Stars

Violent TV Catfight Was REAL

1/29/2014 10:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The bitchfight on this week's episode of "Vanderpump Rules" was not just reality TV BS ...  we've learned one of the stars ran to the cops afterward ... fingering her castmate.

Stassi Schroeder
accuses Kristen Doute of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend ... calling her a "dirty f**king whore" ... then hauling off and smacking Kristen in the face. She also douses Kristen with a drink -- while the rest of the cast looks on.

The fight was not scripted ... and Kristen was so enraged she was gunning to get Stassi prosecuted and filed a police report.

But we found out the criminal case hit a dead end ... cops needed a follow-up interview but Kristen was uncooperative.

Lisa Vanderpump -- who employs both Stassi and Kristen at her restaurant -- tells TMZ the women have since made up telling us, "I know that Stassi was very sorry and regretted it. I made Stassi apologize to Kristen and hope that they could move forward."

Now everyone can be their bitchy selves again.


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Nothing like seeing a female in public act with such class.

264 days ago


Kristen is psycho and a skank so I hope it was real.

264 days ago


Who cares...who are these stupid, boring people??

264 days ago


Something real happened on a reality show? Oh let's give them some attention!

264 days ago


After Laura-Leigh left, I stopped watching.

264 days ago


I hope Kristen got an HIV and STD tests. Between Tom's cheating and Jax, lord knows what she's been exposed to. Yuck!

264 days ago


Oh I wish someone would just beat the shi$ out of Stassi, she's such a fake little b$tch who thinks she's cute, but newsflash Stassi you're just an ugly no a$$ having ho!!

264 days ago


ATTENTION STARVING WHORES is pretty exact. All they are ARE waitresses who are wanna be actresses and models with egos larger than their looks. The beanie wearing dude is as GAY as they ***mm.. STASSI needs a good female beating clearly she needs to get knocked the F out,,, ill gladly do it... I live 2 min away from that stupid restaurant... I cant stand these people they make me sick,,,,

264 days ago


Lisa V and you don't like Brandi !

264 days ago


Everyone knows that Lisa influenced her to drop the charges against Stassi. Lisa you denied this young lady her day in court to protect the badly damaged image of your restaurant.

Stassi is a spoiled brat who should have been charged and arrested. She act's like shes still in middle school. Did anyone catch her very childish comment ? Telling Kristen you are lucky I don't turn this whole group against you. I don't understand a bunch of adults being controlled like that.

Kristen in case you don"t know there are 5011 other people in the world. Stassi should know that her behavior is having a negative impact on her so called acting career. Directors , Producers and others in the industry don't want to work with people like her.

Stassi furthermore you have a flat butt and should never attempt to twerk. Have you seen her without make up ugggggghhhhhhhhh.

264 days ago


This Stasi chick is one straight up b****! I would love to knock her down a few pegs n put her in her place! And she's not as pretty as she thinks she is. Lisa, she's a law suit waiting to happen in your restaurant....why is she worth that?

264 days ago


That Stassi girl is a bit#h...

264 days ago


Stassi is the ugliest , dare I say, woman, on that show. She makes me laugh with how she tries to be above everyone else. The fact that she feels she can control the others is ridiculous. I guess someone, one time told her she was special and she believed it...hahahahahaha.. Douche Bag!

264 days ago


Who are these hookers?

264 days ago


Why does Stassi think her birthday is a National Holiday that everyone should celebrate for a week or a month? She has a sick sense of entitlement. The way she tore into a friend of hers on her birthday when they all went on vacation, and all Stassi could think about was her birthday and how someone dare to be thinking about something else other then her.

So bizarre, she thinks the world is her stage and everyone else is just there as a prop or something.

Odd behavior, she makes herself look very ugly on the show with her personality. She thinks she is God's gift to everyone, far from it with how cruel that she acts toward others. She only cares about herself.

264 days ago
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