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Justin Bieber

Cops Demand Lambo Videos

1/29/2014 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber's not off the hook yet in Miami Beach ... cops are taking a closer look at our videos of him cruising in the Lambo that night. Problem for them -- there's no evidence of drag racing. Time to drop the case? Also ... where Justin's planning to move!

Plus, allegedly yelling racial slurs at Kim Kardashian is a quick way to get rich -- just ask Kayne West ... because he's being taken to the cleaners by the guy he beat up for just that reason.

And, former "Dancing with the Stars" pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy is hanging up his dancing shoes for a different profession -- he'll be joining us to explain.



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Since we watch all the time, the staff becomes friends(sort of)....I still want to know where Max went. It is like he just dropped out of our daily visit. Please explain.

268 days ago


these guys need real jobs. Talking about celebrities? leave that to the girls harvy. grow a pair and get a mans job

268 days ago



268 days ago


Justin is going down

268 days ago


I can't believe that you guys there watch ANY of the so called Real Hosewives shows.

268 days ago


Hey, that fat, ugly girl doesn't like hillbillies. We aren't into pigs anyway, so no biggie...

268 days ago

Susan Hudak Scherer    

Justin Bieber is doing what Miley did. He wants to shed his teeny bopper image. He has street now. He is no different than all child stars.

267 days ago

Susan Hudak Scherer    

Justin is doing what all the child stars do. You are talking about Disney right now. He wants to get street cred and distance himself from teeny bloopers. He went into this with his eyes wide open.

267 days ago

Susan Hudak Scherer    

This is messed up. Fix this irritating sign in. I've done it twice. So long...

267 days ago

Susan Hudak Scherer    

Justin went into this with his eyes wide open. He wants to distance himself from the teeny bloopers. Just like all the child stars. He needed street cred. You guys were saying the same thing right after his story about Disney stars.

267 days ago

Susan Hudak Scherer    

This site sucks!

267 days ago

Susan Hudak Scherer    

Oh great , I wrote that nasty comment after 4 attempts to sign in. I just want to say, Justin wants street cred. He went into this with his eyes wide open. He is no different than any Disney stars or child stars that want to distance themselves from teeny hoppers. The only help he needs is to be allowed to become a man. How would you like little girls screaming in your face? Yes they made him a star but he wants to move on.

267 days ago

juan perez    

On blackfish....idk bout the movie being truthful or not but doesn't SeaWorld contribute and support alot of marine life.I think without SeaWorld what would of been of marine life and their support including inspiring many children to become marine biologist and other related things and all through that first encounter of marine life,through them and their charities...what can you do now but keep an eye on them now,I guess,because you cantjust shut themdown and release these animals and expect them to live their lives in the open wild ocean...

267 days ago


"Kim Kardashian" didn't need her FAT SLOPPY ASS worked into this story, you DIP SHEETZ TMZ! "A good way to get rich" (as that's what you're making the story about" is to P-O some unstable rich A-hole rapper with no self control or sense of decency. You promote the trash that gives you a story, you are cheap, lazy, and totally B.S. pushers, TMZ. FAIL! AGAIN!

267 days ago


N***** N888 N^^^^^ N#### N***** N##### N******* M#### N^^^^^ there, I just sand a whole rap song , heres the kicker im not I a racists now??? Hypocrites you guys say this shzit every day , but if any one whos not black says it "its offensive?" Honestly can someone tell me why is it O.K to say this word only if your black? i mean without all the slave and disrespectful and shttyy excuses .....i want a legit answer....why? yo wassup my N***** , why do i get a kick in the face and your homeboy who just said that to you 5 minutes ago gets a what up?

267 days ago
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