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Jon Cryer

My Ex Is Lying

I Only Make 3/4 of a Mil a Month

1/30/2014 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer
proved his ex-wife was delusional when she claimed he made $2 million a month from "Two and a Half Men."  Fact is ... he made way less than half that amount.

Jon submitted legal docs objecting to Sarah Trigger's petition to up her child support from $8,000 to $88,000 a month ... arguing the kid was humiliated at his fancy private school because he couldn't keep up with the Kardashians.

The judge shut Sarah down ... in part because Jon submitted an income declaration showing he earns $758,449 a month -- $600K is from the show, and the rest is from investments and such.

And this is interesting.  Jon also listed his expenses.  He shells out $7,700 in entertainment, $3,800 in car expenses, $1,000 in groceries, $3,300 for child care and $4,000 for tuition ... and those are MONTHLY expenses.  $4 grand a month for tuition ... sheesh.

Now get this ... Jon doesn't eat out a lot.  Total monthly expense -- $44.

Guess Ashton picks up the tab.


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Have you ever noticed that only women pull this **** to live for free or marry a rich guy then divorce them in 6 months so they don't have to work again. Just saying.

173 days ago


$7,700 in entertainment per month! What kind of entertainment would that be??

173 days ago


How about we reform things like child support and welfare to get the leeches who use their children for a pay day off people receiving child support should have to show how that money is being spent and not a penny should be spent onthe parent child support isnt suppose to supplement your income you shouldn't be paying bills with it don't give me that "my children need a roof over their head" if you didn't have children you'd still have bills how about you give your child to the financially stable parent because I'm sure that parent wouldn't depend on child support to get by

173 days ago


Damn judge, I didn't take the bitch to raise...

173 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Jon covered his ass and won.

173 days ago


Damn! I didn't take that bitch to raise.

173 days ago


I just laugh, instead of maybe asking for 20,000. You go to 88,0000?? Guess her attorney wanted a lot of money. Stop being greedy. Be smart like Denise Richards. Do your own thing. Try to make your own money, and they ask for your something extra. It is like Hillary Clinton, I haven't driven in 16 years. Everyone needs to actually shop and drive for themselves once in a while. Jon Cryer was a kid actor, and he learned. I hope he spends time with his Child.

173 days ago


If he is only making 750,000 a month then he has taken a big pay cut in the past couple of years.

173 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

Notice no itemized line for "Charity". I thought rich people were job creators? At least with $8000 a month on entertainment he's driving an economy the size of El Salvador.

173 days ago


As a woman, I'm disgusted by the greed, it makes all women look bad! There is no way she can say they $8,00 isn't enough to raise her kid when he has him most of the time and already pays all tuition. Maybe she should stop using the child support on things for herself and spend it on what it's meant for... The boy! If she wants things to make herself look good, get a damn job and buy your own things! $88,000???? So she can buy herself a new fancy house, designer clothes and spa days, completely living off her ex? Get a damn job!! Greedy women like her disgust me!

173 days ago


HUH....Why do these women think they atre entitled to their ex -husbands, baby daddies Money?...So what if he earns more than whatever. It's his money....he didn't create that kid alone....this woman she's as much responsible for kid as her ex. If you can't afford an expensive school, then don't put your kid in it. STOP DEPENDING ON YOUR EXES.

173 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Just wanna put her hands where his cash be at

173 days ago


This is what happens when ugly guys who have been broke for years start making money.

173 days ago


He should at least be court ordered to pay the guideline support. Then if his income goes above and beyond that a percentage should most definitely be taken out for his children and be put in a fund for their future. Better his flesh and blood get his money than the sunset strip prostitutes.

173 days ago


Her PASTEY skin needs a TAN asap! And her old thinning hair--OMG !

173 days ago
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