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Justin Bieber

Cops Say He Was a

Cocky Little Bitch

1/30/2014 6:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber was "excited, talkative, insulting, cocky" and profane when he was arrested in Miami Beach last week ... this according to official police documents.

According to the docs, a cop at the scene claimed Bieber "reeked of marijuana."  Cops say Bieber's reaction was this ... "Yeah, we were smoking all night at the studio."

The officer claims Bieber was initially open to taking a "breath test" but then had a change of heart, asking the cop what would happen to his license if he refused the test. 

The cops say Justin was out of it and couldn't follow basic instructions on how to provide the breath sample.  The docs say "he had extreme difficulty providing a continuous breath."

The report also says Bieber wasn't blowing into the tube properly and cops thought he was deliberately undermining the test.  Bieber then became "agitated" and told the officer he was "blowing into the hose like he blows into his trumpet."

Cops say he admitted he took medications for anxiety, saying "My mom takes care of all that stuff for me."

As TMZ first reported, the docs say Bieber blew a .014, which is barely perceptible.

And cops say he flunked the field sobriety test miserably -- his balance was off, he would sway, he couldn't smoothly follow a moving object and couldn't do the finger to nose test with his eyes shut.



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I'm sure those cops weren't so polite either. I'd b irate if I got pulled over for nothing also. And I'm not defending the biebs either.

243 days ago

Home Skillet    

Say what you will about this kid, but he was excellent in that movie, "Boys Don't Cry."

243 days ago


Not sticking up for this guy but come on. I don't drink and drive so I won't have that problem but I look at the tests they make you do and I am so sure I would never pass one of those field sobriety tests and I don't think I could ever do it even when I was 19.

243 days ago


Hmmmm. So the Biebs was acting like a little ****y during his arrest? Sounds like all the other spoiled rich celebrities that have been arrested over the years. Could it be because he IS a spoiled rich celebrity? He is acting no differently than anyone else who has been in his position. Why is everyone trashing him? Give any 19 year old fame, money, and adoring fans and Im sure that they would act the same way. Give him a break already. Send him back to Canada. We'll take him back and be glad that he is Canada's biggest 'problem.'. Then all the self righteous Americans can move on to hating their real problems. Does no healthcare, high unemployment rates, and a trillion dollar debt ring a bell???

243 days ago


hahahahaha he "couldn't " blow properly

243 days ago


The legal limit in Florida is .08. So he was practically double the legal limit (and a minor) and that's barely perceptible to you? almost DOUBLE the legal limit?

243 days ago


Sorry can't believe I am going to write this. I call BS on the police. THC/Xanax and the test/statements don't jive. This was a way to make a buck.

243 days ago


Not a Beiber fan, but those cops are in the wrong as far as the DUI and drag racing go, they made up excuses to cover their asses for stopping the cars to begin with. They had no probable cause, but went simply on the fact of who was driving, the media stories and reputation. They should be disciplined. They wouldn't get away with it if it were almost anyone else.

243 days ago


Lol, he's like John Jermaine on Seinfeld!!

243 days ago

Just My Opinion    

The dude needs help. I hope on Valentin's Day, someone would have a big enough heart, and help this dude before he gets even more worse than he is now.

243 days ago


Justina couldn't blow properly? Usher would definitely disagree with that.

243 days ago


so he was just being the idiot he really is.. the people who are still fans of his. that includes Tmz. needs to get lives . and fast!!!

243 days ago


doesn't surprise me at all. he has been able to buy his way out of everything so far. many of them do.
r. kelly likes to screw underage girls, chris brown is a bully who beats up women and lil' biebs does his thing too.
they are all jerks and they have bought their way out of trouble.

243 days ago


I am sure the cops are right!! Bieber presents as a ****y rude ignorant and thoughtless twerp. Hopefully karma will put this dumb ass in his place and we won't have to hear about him any more.

243 days ago


Blowing his own trumpet, or the trumpets of his house boys like Lil Za?

243 days ago
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