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Justin Bieber DUI

He Was High on Weed and Pills

... Toxicology Report Shows

1/30/2014 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Justin Bieber toxicology report from his DUI arrest in Miami Beach is in ... and it shows he tested positive for marijuana and prescription medication, TMZ has learned.

According to the report -- obtained by TMZ -- Justin's urine was tested right after he was busted for driving under the influence on January 23 ... and it shows there was THC and Alprazolam in his system.

FYI -- Alprazolam is the key ingredient in Xanax (prescription anti-anxiety medication).

The report also shows Justin tested NEGATIVE for cocaine, opiates, meth and other drugs.

The report is consistent with the police report where cops say he told them his mom had provided him with prescription pills.

As for the weed, Justin also told cops he had been smoking pot in his recording studio all night long.

Bieber has pled not guilty to the charges.



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How do you say, "yes officer I have been smoking weed all night long" and then plead not guilty?

245 days ago


Apparently they want him real bad. Problem is he'll beat it because unless you live under a rock it doesn't mean he was high. Everyone knows that MJ is in your system for about a month and Xanax about 3 days so unless they can prove he was under the influence at that momemt a good lawyer will get him off easy.

245 days ago


dear justine ,
hear is a guide to help you make your troubles vanish for good.

1 separate your self from your finances completely. just be a 20 year old with no money. Put it all in a trust and give yourself an allowance to live e.g 1000 a week. this move will make all the "friends" vanish .

2 quit consuming anything that makes you high or drunk period.
enroll in school and get a degree in something.Having tons of money but no brains is a recipe for failure in any direction. Get an education and managing your gift will be easier.

4 Turn to God for guidance , join a good cause and only befriend people with similar values and morals to yours when you acquire a solid set.

5 Get out of L.A! buy Have your trust buy a ranch away from the media and live a quiet civil life. only go to cities when you have a performance then jet out!

6 present your self in a decent fashion , lose the tattoos you are not and will never be a gangster.

7 get a steady girlfriend that you may marry one day , seriously if the drugs don't get you then a disease will at your current rate. marrying might be the key to helping you celebrate your 30th birthday!

8 Keep God in every move you make in life. the evil one currently has full control as God is not present in your life and look at how its going so far. Having tons of money is NOT making your life easy is it?

9 lose all the bling kid you do not need ten cars!

once you have God in your life watch how fast all the trash around you will disappear

245 days ago


Funny they say everyday he's highly addicted to lean n drinks it so much it's gonna kill him one day but toxicology says no codeine

245 days ago

A Nony Mouse    

"I did the weed while in Colorado! Honest!"

245 days ago


never ending Bieber stories...

245 days ago


Sad thing is, if they end up proving he wasn't speeding, that could nullify the stop, and everything else could have to be dropped! Sad, because now there is proof he was under the influence of an illegal least illegal in Florida. They need to look into the validity of that prescription...make mommy dearest produce the prescription. Wonder if that was legal. Next Lindsay...too much too soon and hardly any quality parental guidance!

245 days ago


The "pills" you so gleefully report he was "high" on, is Alprazolam, commonly known as "Xanax".

In other words, Bieber takes ADHD medicine. He was NOT "high on pills' as you boneheaded morons report.

245 days ago


his mother provided the pills??? first that is illegal and I have read her say "he is a man now so how can I control him?" maybe by not providing him with listed drugs would be a good start

245 days ago


oneday they will find him dead he thinks this is comical ...

245 days ago


An ode to his Christian Mother's awesome mothering skills. Hypocritical b*tch needs to get her book banned.

245 days ago

Rainbow Bright    



245 days ago


He gon clap for sosa

245 days ago


please od so we dont have to hear from this guy again

245 days ago

Xianne sign a bill to deport justin Bieber

245 days ago
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