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Justin Bieber

I'm Lookin' to Move

To Ranch Country

1/30/2014 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber has been looking at estates in an area not far from where he lives now ... but it's clear he wants to trade neighbors for horses.

Real estate sources tell TMZ ... Justin has been looking at homes in an area called Hidden Valley -- 20 miles from where he currently lives in Calabasas.

We're told Justin has his eye on a particular area of Hidden Valley -- White Stallion Estates.  There are only 10 homes and each has around 20 acres.  There are lots of horse ranches in the area, but Justin's not specifically looking for horse property.

Justin is also interested in Portrero RD in Hidden Valley ... most of the homes are 20 acres and up.

Justin wants between 10 and 20 acres, so both areas fit the bill.

Our sources say Justin wants out of Calabasas immediately -- as soon as he finds a place, but now we're told he's been quietly looking to move for 3 months.

We know Justin's people have spoken to his realtor and made it clear -- get him out of a gated community where there are rules and regulations and nosy neighbors. 

We're told Justin was particularly interested in one home on Potrero, but he waited and the house just sold for $9.5 million.

As we first reported, Justin wants space not only to rid himself of neighbors ... he wants room to roam on ATVs.  He also wants a skate park.



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Let him serve some time first. Check this out:
(Regarding his breathalyzer test on the day of the arrest):
"After cops explained that this was a very simple test and they believed he was purposely not doing it correctly, Biebs got agitated and countered "that he was blowing into the hose like he blows into his trumpet." Eventually, he blew a 0.08 and 0.078."
Did you read that? .08 is DUI for an ADULT. The legal limit for anyone underage in FL is .04. He was twice that - driving w/o a license, and sassing off to the cops.

264 days ago


He's clueless... Does he really think 10-20 acres are enough for 4-wheelers AND a skate park? I have over 45 acres and we don't bother with the 4-wheelers unless we are taking them out on the trails. 10-20 is not much once you get a house on it. Plus, horses will freak out and that will piss off the horse lovers as much as it would if he were messing with their children. Many very high end areas need approval by the board and they won't give approval if even 1 land owner says no. He heeds to get himself a couple 1,000 acres in Canada where he won't be bothered and can OD in peace and quiet.

264 days ago


He also wants a weed farm

264 days ago

Princess niki    

His future look very shaking in the USA he might want to wait before he buys a new house

264 days ago


Oh god you Americans are dumb. All you saying to send him back to Canada. Deport him. How facking dumb are you fools? The kid maybe a douche, but your piss poor country needs all the money it can get. The kid pours MILLIONS of dollars into your crap country and u wanna send him home. Yet the thousands of illegals that slip in and drain your society and take advantage of the system are ok. WAKE UP AMERICA, your nothing but a JOKE

264 days ago


Justin should move to the farm he bought his dad in Canada. Word on the internet is Justin is spending a million dollars a month with his huge entourage, weed bills, private plans etc.

264 days ago


lmfao look how he looked when he was caught in tororonto and now he wats a ranch

264 days ago


pls put him on a cliff!!

264 days ago

Choose Laughter    

Oh, give me a home where the pot plants do roam...

264 days ago


Why doesn't Bieber and Chris Brown team up and buy a place together? Nobody wants either of them for neighbors. They are both self worshiping douche bags and Bieber likes the chocolate milk. They would be perfect together.

264 days ago


If he has horse ranches next to him on both sides and he only gets 10 acres and wants to ride ATV's he's just trading up troubles. The horse owners will complain because of their horses being rattled and if they are high end horses he will have a battle there as well. He needs to get as much land as possible 10 acres is not enough and stay away from the property lines. We horse owners love our horses you hurt our horses your in for trouble. Especially if they are a breeding operation.

264 days ago


Do what the cartels do. Live in the middle of nowhere with a landing strip

263 days ago
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