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'Y&R' Star Michael Muhney

Gets Real Handsy

During Final Show Appearance

1/30/2014 1:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

013014_young_and_the_restless_launch"Young and the Restless" star Michael Muhney has been killed off on the show in a bizarre way ... after menacingly reaching for something between his co-star's legs.

No, it's not an H.R. complaint ... it was for Muhney's final "Y&R" appearance where his character Adam bought the farm by driving off a cliff.

TMZ broke the story ... Muhney was fired last month for allegedly groping 20-year-old co-star Hunter King's breasts on 2 different occasions. 

Wonder what role he'll get his hands on next.


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Since when are you interested in soap actors? More smear campaign from CBS to protect their ratings. Most of us find these allegations highly suspect given what we know about Y&R - MM had high standards and the veterans were jealous of his youth and talent. There are no charges, his main female costar is standing by him. MM may be a pain sometimes and have an ego, not unusual with actors. He seems too professional and cares too much about his work to risk it by groping a 20 year old ingenue. He gave his heart and soul to the role and is possibly the best actor in daytime.

Peter Bergman was also nearly fired 20 years ago after a fight with Eric Braeden, this seems a similar situation. I will not judge MM or Hunter King - whoever is telling the truth, shame on you TMZ for releasing HK's name and your tacky reporting. Do you think about what either party is going through?

If this is how TPTB at Y&R deal with things I am done after 20 years viewing. Most viewers do not believe these accusations, and MM is still by far the most popular actor on Y&R, one third of viewers. So much for the character assassination they tried to do.

Adam didn't die btw. There will be a recast but I won't be watching without MM.

232 days ago


TMZ doesn't get anything right, they didn't kill Adam off. 3-6 months new actor will play Adam. Won't go over well, but that's their plan. MM's real fans don't believe that garbage u posted on him. Hope u get sued for printing unsubstantiated gossip.

232 days ago


TMZ, the way you have attempted to ruin this man's career is beyond ridiculous . He is a great actor with a massive fan base. Nothing has been confirmed about any alleged allegations... Just rumor and innuendo.. I used to enjoy your show, but at this point TMZ seems to just be CBS 's mouth piece.. I'm done with you too! #teammuhney

232 days ago


This entire article is total CRAP.

232 days ago

linda champa    

I read TMZ online every day, but this is it. You're off my favorites list, not that you care. Why the character assassination of Michael Muhney? I know of the family connection between Y&R and TMZ, but to use it to destroy another human being is despicable. What is the matter with you?

232 days ago

linda champa    

I know the family connection between TMZ and Y&R, but why take a personal vendetta and make it real on your pages? Why assassinate a young actor's character? You're always joking on TV, but it is you who are the joke. You're off my list -- tv and online. I always found you amusing; now I see you're just sadistic.

232 days ago


Tabloid. Last click or TV view for me, you showed your true colors this last month. #TeamMuhney

231 days ago


Tee-hee...Maybe the next place that Michael Muhney will put his hands will be around your throat!

231 days ago


Innocent until proven guilty. Really, CBS must be very desperate - and they obviously think that we are stupid. I know there's always been drama behind the scenes at Y&R, but I never thought they would stoop this low. I've seen this show in decline for awhile, now it really seems to be coming apart at the seams. I hope that GH picks him up and they flog Y&R in the ratings. Maybe it's true Sony don't care about this show and want to axe it.

Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller smart to jump ship. All that's left are bland, unfamiliar new characters and pompous old veterans who consider themselves 'legends'.

231 days ago


People he's being recast by Chris McKenna.

231 days ago

Kimberly McBride    

Wow, your "link" at CBS just can't stop feeding you this BS so that fans will not boycott you for the immoral bashing of a man's character. Funny no police report has been filed!!! Any trash that prints these UNSUBSTANTIATED lies, all the "stars" that gave interviews about this situation, Jill Farren Phelps and Mrs. Mouth Angelica Mcdaniel should have shut need to be sued, glued and tatooed out of mass media.

231 days ago


He hasn't refuted anything. Would Sony just let him go if they thought he was going to turn around and sue them? They wouldn't fire the actor on a whim. And to care more about some actor, saying he's such a great actor, caring about him because you thought he could act and was handsome, over caring about a possible victim of sexual harassment or abuse, is pathetic.

231 days ago


@Alison - this is Y&R, Peter Bergman was nearly fired 20 years ago after a clash with Eric Braeden, before Jeanne Cooper intervened with some common sense. Muhney also ran up against Braeden, who likes to think he is still the most important person on the show, but MM could not take EB's nonsense like Bergman has for years.

Sony had to decide between EB and MM, MM is at a stage in his contract where he cannot sue for wrongful dismissal. And he is still under a non disclosure agreement for the rest of his original contract term. He and his family HAVE denied these claims.

TMZ obviously tried to dig up more dirt on Muhney from his past acting experience, they could not find anymore female costars who would complain, the only one who would speak to them proclaimed him a 'gentleman'.

He hasn't been officially charged with anything and this is Hollywood, if they want to punish an actor for being a 'loose cannon' they will, in order to cover up the discord and bullying at Y&R. This time, we're not buying the BS.

I still wanted to see Victor on the show, but Muhney had 10 times the popularity of Braeden, who is well past normal retirement age. CBS/Sony may have miscalculated on this one. But my feeling is that Sony will let the veterans serve out a bit longer, then cancel the show, they obviously don't care about its future.

231 days ago


The Hunter King stuff is just a smokescreen to hide the backstage problems. She probably thought she would be protected, shows how much they care about her - leaked her name to the public and now pervs watching the show to check out her boobs.

231 days ago


Damage control and spin to justify firing a popular actor and keep their ratings. Because he was outspoken and refused to be a sycophant. I used to admire the veterans on this show, now can see them for who they really are. It's true Hollywood can be a nasty business.

231 days ago
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