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'Ghost Adventures' Star

I Bought $35,000 Demon House

Possible 'Hell Portal'

1/31/2014 6:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Ghost Adventures" host Zak Bagans has taken on his most terrifying project yet -- he just bought a house in Indiana ... believed to be the site of one of the most terrifying demonic possessions ever ... a rumored "portal to hell."

The house rose to fame in 2012 ... after a mother who lived there reported her 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son had been possessed.  Shockingly, there are even docs from child protective services that back up her claims.

Among the many scary incidents ...  the mother says she witnessed her daughter levitating above her bed.

She also said she saw her son walking on their ceiling ... an account corroborated by several other witnesses. The mother did everything she could to de-demonize the house -- including building an altar and hiring an exorcist -- but nothing worked and she eventually moved.

Zak tells us, he caught wind of the horrifying tale and made an offer to purchase the home for $35,000 -- the owner was all too willing to sell.

The photo shown above is an actual police photo of the house ... and it's hard to miss what looks like an apparition in the window.

Zak says he's going to live there and document his experience -- "If it's true this home is a portal to hell, then I want to go there and see what happens."

Balls of steel.

Check out the CPS report (below) ... detailing the family's frightening claims.



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I call BULL****!!! Tell ya what Zak, make me a believer, NONE of these stupid ass ghost shows EVER do***ent any factual proof, just more and more fake "creepy" noises and shadows (ie reflections or camera tricks). You guys are like a similar version of the "magic" shows that get televised... just because the camera doesn't film the crane that holds the "levitating magician", doesn't mean the crane isn't there out of view... These shows and "hauntings" are a hoax, or nothing more than over active imaginations of 10 year Olds in grown men's bodies... PROVE ME WRONG!!!

231 days ago


Really TMZ, you edit the word do*****ent because it has ***** in it... do***ent, haha

231 days ago


stupid idiot mORON , good luck with this house, I doubt you will live in it for more than a day. All this for publicity and your stupid fake A$$ show... theres a difference between a tv show about ghosts and paranormal activity AND a house that is literally unlivable ... You enjoy whats coming to you my friend... any idiot who wants to buy such property in order to get more media attention is disgusting.

The show is FAKE yes...but until you witness a ghost for yourself dont knock down the whole daemon thing. I have never seen a daemon but I have seen ghosts in my house... WELL GOOD LUCK with that house moron!

231 days ago


Actually TMZ, you should fact check your story just a little better. The young son did not walk backward up the wall to the ceiling while at this house. It is do***ented in the CPS and medical records that it happened in a room at the hospital where the sister had been admitted.

231 days ago


I didnt think much about ghost until I myself lived in a home which I believe was in fact haunted in upstate NY. It was my parents country home. It was older built in the late 1700's/ early 1800 time period. Early in us being there my mom said she saw a apparition of a young man roaming outside. No one believed her but as time went on we did.

Odd things would happen in that house. Once a door inside the home slammed shut for no reason at all, the sounds of foot steps at night, objects that were hanging would sometimes start to sway back and forth even though no window was open, no one else was in room. In that same room a photo of me and my sibling was taken and in the background was a odd white blur. I would often times get this creepy feeling that someone was behind me or watching me even though no one was there. I have only ever had the feeling in that house. My father also said if he touched one of the antique tools in the old shed on the property and didnt put it back in the correct spot it would somehow make its way back to the spot it was originally in.

My dad took great care of the house and the property, he loved that home and put everything he had into it to keep it up. It was huge property with lots of land and became too much work for him as he got older. A new family moved into that house and within a couple months it burnt to the ground. Over time we did find out bits of info which made sense as to everything that happened.

I do not blame people at all for not believing because unless you experienced it and that feeling that comes with it you truly have no idea. Trust me you know when you when there are "others" there. We were lucky the spirits in our home were kind ones. I couldn’t imagine being in a home with an angry one.

231 days ago



231 days ago

Spunky Funk    

OMG, I truly got the chills - full on goosebumps reading this story. This is scary stuff.

230 days ago


A good place for Bieber to do house arrest..

230 days ago


Oh, I though Neverland was the only hell portal.

230 days ago


that is funny. as those guys in Ghost Adventures are afraid of their own shadows. they would run out of the house screaming .

230 days ago

Kim Lores Bodaglo    


230 days ago


I'm a firm believer in having an open mind. the picture above if you look at the tree in front of the window you can see how the body like shape was created. this is a simple trick of the light. :) Debunked

230 days ago


By the way do yall see the ghost in the window on the right side hello!!!!!!!

230 days ago


ghost adventures is bull **** same with ghost huntesr.just a bunch of fake ****.

230 days ago


Paranormal activity

230 days ago
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