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Justin Bieber


1/31/2014 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained GPS records from the rented Lambo Justin Bieber was driving when he was arrested for DUI ... and there is NO evidence of drag racing.

TMZ broke the story ... Miami Beach cops claimed they noticed Bieber and his buddy Khalil (who drove a red Ferrari) drag racing and that's why they were stopped.  Cops claimed they were going between 55 and 60 MPH.

But the GPS on Justin's car records speed when the car accelerates quickly.  Take a look at the read-out.  At 4:07 AM Justin left the club and zoomed away ... reaching a maximum speed of 44 MPH.  Two minutes later the GPS registered at a max speed of 27 MPH. 

Here's why the read-out is so significant.   Cops claim they noticed the drag race on the 2600 block of Pine Tree Drive.  Bieber came to a stop and was then arrested on the 4100 block.  The 27 MPH read out is on the 3700 block ... smack in the middle of the supposed drag race.  Mind you ... 27 MPH is UNDER the 30 MPH speed limit.

If Justin had been racing ... the GPS would have recorded a higher speed.  Yet the maximum speed on Pine Tree was 27 MPH.

Now check this out.  The cops say 2 Escalades were stopped on Pine Tree to block traffic so Bieber and his buddy could drag race.  We obtained the GPS for one of the Escalades (below) which shows at 2:35 AM the SUV stopped -- and that's when Bieber's dad (who was in the Escalade) went inside the nightclub with his son.  They were there for 1.2 hours.
At 4:06 AM the Escalade started rolling and it didn't stop again until Bieber was pulled over.  So it never stopped to accommodate a so-called drag race.

This could present huge problems for prosecutors, because if the pretext of stopping Bieber's car proves false, it could derail the case.  Which is probably why TMZ's videos of Justin's cars were subpoenaed.  Problem is ... the videos don't show drag racing either.


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Too much Bieber fever. I usually scroll past his headlines.

245 days ago


Too much Bieber fever. I usually scroll past his headlines.

245 days ago


Too much Bieber fever. I usually scroll past his headlines.

245 days ago


He's still in trouble anyway. Check this out - from a REAL news outlet:
Regarding his breathalyzer test on the day of the arrest):
"After cops explained that this was a very simple test and they believed he was purposely not doing it correctly, Biebs got agitated and countered "that he was blowing into the hose like he blows into his trumpet." Eventually, he blew a 0.08 and 0.078."
Did you read that? .08 is DUI for an ADULT. The legal limit for anyone underage in FL is .04. He was twice that - driving w/o a license, and sassing off to the cops.

245 days ago


I don't agree with driving under the influence but the cop did say he stopped justin for drag racing. The thing is cops lie all the time not just on celebrities but on normal people also. Most cops are bullies and their bullying needs to be stopped

245 days ago


These records "prove" nothing. Look at the report of the Escalade (3rd row). It drove 1.3 miles in 0 seconds! Amazing ! I think I'll buy one.

245 days ago



245 days ago

News Flash     

Residential area, speed limit 30-35 mph if he was going 44 then yes he was speeding. 5 miles over no ticket, 10 miles over ticket. You reported it was a residential area. Maybe the cops stopped the race before it was about to start.

245 days ago


I have a feeling the GPS takes a "sample" of the speed every few minutes or when an "event" occurs, such as starting the car, etc., otherwise, there would be a RANGE of speed. i.e. 23 - 30mph, not just a flat 30mph. It's almost impossible to drive EXACTLY 30mph. On the Escalade, it shows it drove 1.3 miles, in ZERO seconds at 30mph. Something more needs to be explained...

245 days ago

Patty in MN    

I'm not so sure there still isn't a problem. The Lambo's GPS seems to take a reading approx every 2 minutes. Something most definitely could have happened between 4:07 & 4:09. 2 minutes is a long time, 30 seconds is a long time, could have easily floored it and slowed back down. IMO there's a problem with the Escalade's GPS report. At time stamps following 4:06, Lat & Long readings change with no recorded speed or distance. Escalades traveling in both lanes doing the speed limit would leave street open in front of them for a quick sampling of fast car power.

245 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

Once again, read the definition of drag racing in the FL statutes. Speed is not a factor. Quit printing garbage, TMZ.

245 days ago

Black Dirt Goodness    

They'll just throw out the charge anyway during the plea agreement.

245 days ago


Please look at the time stamp. It records every 2 minutes, and from what I know a usual drag race in a street is less than 1 minute. What if he peaked 70 mph at 4:08:13 AM. Stupid reporting.

245 days ago


So who cares he was still driving a car while he was taking meds and smoking pot he should not have been driving a car at all. The little punk has money he can have someone drive for him. He should still be charged.

245 days ago


Umm he was going 44 in a 30 and then drops down to 27mph two minutes later. What happened 1minite later. A Lamborghini accelerates fast and it seems going from 44 to 55 makes more sense then you see the cop and suddenly your going 27 in a 30. I don't even go 27 in a 30 with a sedan so it's pretty obvious they slowed down for the cops.

245 days ago
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