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Justin Bieber


1/31/2014 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained GPS records from the rented Lambo Justin Bieber was driving when he was arrested for DUI ... and there is NO evidence of drag racing.

TMZ broke the story ... Miami Beach cops claimed they noticed Bieber and his buddy Khalil (who drove a red Ferrari) drag racing and that's why they were stopped.  Cops claimed they were going between 55 and 60 MPH.

But the GPS on Justin's car records speed when the car accelerates quickly.  Take a look at the read-out.  At 4:07 AM Justin left the club and zoomed away ... reaching a maximum speed of 44 MPH.  Two minutes later the GPS registered at a max speed of 27 MPH. 

Here's why the read-out is so significant.   Cops claim they noticed the drag race on the 2600 block of Pine Tree Drive.  Bieber came to a stop and was then arrested on the 4100 block.  The 27 MPH read out is on the 3700 block ... smack in the middle of the supposed drag race.  Mind you ... 27 MPH is UNDER the 30 MPH speed limit.

If Justin had been racing ... the GPS would have recorded a higher speed.  Yet the maximum speed on Pine Tree was 27 MPH.

Now check this out.  The cops say 2 Escalades were stopped on Pine Tree to block traffic so Bieber and his buddy could drag race.  We obtained the GPS for one of the Escalades (below) which shows at 2:35 AM the SUV stopped -- and that's when Bieber's dad (who was in the Escalade) went inside the nightclub with his son.  They were there for 1.2 hours.
At 4:06 AM the Escalade started rolling and it didn't stop again until Bieber was pulled over.  So it never stopped to accommodate a so-called drag race.

This could present huge problems for prosecutors, because if the pretext of stopping Bieber's car proves false, it could derail the case.  Which is probably why TMZ's videos of Justin's cars were subpoenaed.  Problem is ... the videos don't show drag racing either.


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Anyone else bugged that they can track exactly where you are even down to the speed limit? F*king sheep

204 days ago


I said it all along....Miami Dade Police are corrupt....they do harrass wonder that city is in such turmoil....they can't even get good men to join the force....A lot of those cops are corrupt.....I hate to say it but Jermain Dupree could actually be right about them

204 days ago


That record makes no sense. It is either missing information, or Justin Bieber has magical powers that enable him to travel clear across town at a rate of speed of 0 MPh, then for some odd reason (or because he was impaired), he moves 400 ft at a rate of 44 MPh. Can we see the full report? If not, why not?

204 days ago


Who writes this? Why is it that you can show the "2014 Escalade" label but yet, you don't show the label stating that was the vehicle Justin Bieber was driving. This article is very biased and sounds to me like either this reporter is a die-hard Bieber fan, or TMZ is losing credibility with me; then again, TMZ has started to sound a lot like the National Enquirer.

204 days ago


Miami PD are dirtbags. They shook me down for $300 bucks in the basement of LIV night club. seriously crooked as they come.

204 days ago


TMZ-LOL get a lawyer, who understands what you are looking at. It is a sampling of data. It is not a second by second black box recorder. You have data samples MINUTES apart. A drag race takes 5 seconds. WHY WOULD YOU EXPECT TO SEE 5 Seconds? You would not.

Did you even read the police reports? The cops are witnesses to what appeared to be a staging of a drag race. And saw speeds double the posted limit. They never said 100 mph, which Harvey says.

The ODB box is not a second by second recorder.
Just ask Walker in his Fast and Furious death.

Beiber was a danger to others on the Road. They have him drinking, and drugging, and very provable DUI.

204 days ago


Honestly, Justin and his team could have paid off the owner(s) and employee(s) of the car rental dealership to change the reports. PR and Spin teams are notorious for these types of things, along with privacy contracts so they can't disclose the payoff. I am not defending Miami Dade police by any means. I wasn't there, so I can't say what happened. But even eyewitness accounts are not reliable. Do***ents and videos are less reliable because they are often framed and presented with bias through the actions of humans. If the police just wanted to pull them over, because they new it was Bieber, or because of the types of cars being driven, they could just easily said that he slightly swerved a little bit. That, in and of itself, is probable cause, no matter the speed or the amount of the swerve. Not to mention, cars travelling UNDER the speed limit are an automatic red flag to cops....because people under the influence often drag along slowly and don't even realize it. This is all speculation. And it looks suspicious that TMZ is placing these stories out for their many site visitors to see. Was TMZ paid by the spin team to help repair Justin's public image? Again, happens all the time....

204 days ago


HARVEY, I can smell alcohol very easily. I can smell a beer on the breath. And when you are not in a bar all night, or with smokers, its very easy to smell weed on them too. Beiber admitted to be under the influence....its a done deal....he was DUI, by self admission, and toxicology.
As if probable cause to pull over is even in play. LOLOLOL

204 days ago


where's the record of the speed between 4:07 and 4:09?
There's a 2 minute interval missing

204 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Given how you guys lie and exaggerate things I don't believe that this is anything approaching 'evidence'.

204 days ago


30mph with a 0 second travel time. Physically impossible to stop from 30mph in 0 seconds. Way to look like ****ing idiots TMZ.

204 days ago


Justin Bieber is innocent

204 days ago


Look at the top of the report. HARVEY! It has the car moving down the street at 0 MPH, amazing stuff. The reports you have are a sampling for the Lambo. For the escalade its and average speed over the entire time period. Great headline though, I have no evidence that Harvey did not flap his arms and fly. His GPS does not reflect it.

204 days ago


The man charged with DUI, Suspended License, and Resisting Arrest........Confessed to the DUI, clearly has an invalid license, (its a yes or no question), and has multiple Cop witnesses saying he kept refusing to follow the instructions........TMZ now says the cops did not have the right to pull Justin over to find out WTF was going on. TMZ thinks their is a Driving While Bieber defense. Har Har Har VVVVVVVVVVV, get a grip.

Your honor we want you to throw out the case, because we feel that the cops had not right or cause to pull over a drug addict underage, self admited DUI, without a license.....Judge Response: Denied, Next item.

PLEEEASSSE, get a traffic attorney.

204 days ago


Very suspicious of this report.

204 days ago
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