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Justin Bieber

Jet Detained Because Of Pot Smell

1/31/2014 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

5:45 PM PT   We're told Bieber has just been released.

5:03 PM PT --  We were just told Bieber is still being questioned -- and everyone has ordered out for pizza.  Cops tell us ... it's gonna be a while.

2:55 PM PT -- TMZ has learned Justin is now being held and questioned by U.S. Customs officials.

12:59 PM PT -- We're told all passengers were released. No drugs were found. 
Justin Bieber
's private jet touched down outside NYC for the Super Bowl -- and authorities immediately held him for questioning ... because of a strong odor of pot coming from his plane ... TMZ has learned.

We're told ... the plane was stopped after it arrived at Teterboro airport in New Jersey.  As we told you ... Justin, his dad and some friends were traveling there for Super Bowl parties.

Sources tell us law enforcement is holding the plane ... because they think there may be marijuana on board.  We're told the plane and the passengers are currently being searched ... but so far no pot has been found.

A source close to Bieber tells us, the passengers knew they'd be searched ... since they were flying into the U.S. from Canada.

Story developing ...


No Avatar


This is really sad.Just everyone!Stop saying or asking him to deport to wherever ****!Just because he did some stupid mistake doesnt mean he is a bad person!He is a human for god sakes!He does mistakes just like everyone else!He does all that for a reason which i dont know and neither everyone else except god!You dont believe in god?Thats your problem!Maybe he just wants to take all his stress out by taking in drugs and some other ****!Just because hes a celebrity everyone starts throwing hate on him!What if hes not famous huh?!Will you even care if he have some criminal ****?!No right!So just stop with all the stupid comments of hate!

235 days ago


A marshmallow pansy.

235 days ago


ohhhh, marijuana smell, the bane of law enforcement everywhere, let's spend our resources here and ignore violence, abuse, thievery and real crime. gimme a break, what a freakin' farce

235 days ago


LEAVE BIEBER ALONE!!! Waahh-ha-ha-ha!! (Reminiscent of that idiotic Britney fan)

235 days ago

Robert Hell    

Why??Try and get into Canada smelling like pot and see what happens to you.

235 days ago


At least they were smart enough to smoke it all before landing at the foot of Obama's Gestapo.

235 days ago


He's just a kid with a lot of money doing things that most kids poorly influenced would do. Right? No, but attacking him for it is stupid. The main problem is that he's such a smart-ass, if it wasn't for that he'd be a better off with the public. Needs to learn to be humble.

235 days ago


Dad partying with the kid, I think we've got the whole problem in two nutshells. Mom and Dad!

235 days ago


He needs to be taught a lesson he thinks cause his stupidity is welcome here it will be in other country's and he seeing that's not the case I hope they throw his ass in jail there to

235 days ago

Rocco Siffredi    

Soon you little rat.

235 days ago


OMG! Does this mean he will be President one day???

235 days ago

Friend S. Wilkins    

Does this kid have any idea how much trouble he's getting himself into? Where will it end? Sad story.

234 days ago


Is it really reasonable to believe they smelled pot from outside the plane when they didn't find any pot? Where is your journalistic skepticism? Here's a new headline.
Cops claim to smell pot, find none, corrupt liars? or merely incompentent?

234 days ago


Yawn.... All the TMZ stories about the Biebs are getting old. Move on TMZ. It's like y'all are obsessed with every little thing he does. He's not so interesting. Most of the stories sound desperate and are inconsequential.

234 days ago


Little arrogant sh*t gets away with this. You or I and they would have called for an emergency landing and arrested us. MONEY TALKS. Why is the Federal Aviation Administration not involved in this????

230 days ago
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