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Justin Bieber

Limo Assault Triggered By Radio Music

1/31/2014 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber has been criminally charged in Canada for assaulting a limo driver ... and TMZ has learned the whole dispute was triggered by the volume of the radio.

Here's what we're told by sources... Justin was cruising along in Toronto in the back seat of the limo when he wanted the driver to turn up the noise ... on the radio.

The driver turned it up ... but not as much as Justin wanted, and an argument erupted. 

According to one of our sources ... the argument became physical when Justin reached his arm out to turn up the radio himself ... and the driver swatted his hand away.

The limo driver claims Justin started screaming profanities ... then smacked him several times in the head.

Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, says his client is "innocent," and a source connected with Bieber insists it was one of Justin's friends -- not Justin -- who hit the driver.  The source would not reveal the identity of the friend.



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Excitable boy they all said, well he's just an excitable boy.

230 days ago


Sources always lie. This was definitely The Bieb. Why would anyone else hit the limo driver? Stop trying to hide from your crimes you creep. Time to pay the piper. With everything we're seeing from head injuries in sports you should know hitting someone's head can be dangerous. The Bieb deserves some time in jail for sure.

230 days ago



230 days ago


Instead of wanting Justin deported let's talk about are cheating, lying, and crooked politicians. As much as I don't like him We As People need to pick out battles. Let's not focus on throwing him out of the country let's get these s***bags out of the Whitehouse & Capital. This **** is popular just to throw us off the real issues

230 days ago


always a bridesmaid, never the bride..
those Lils are so gangsta...

230 days ago


Was the head busting friend Lil Za or Lil Twist. That job must pay well for his friends. Za is going down for Justin's drugs. Pay him up Justin.

230 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Ok, didn't one of Justin's friends took the rap for him at his house? Now this friend in the limo is taking the rap for him now? Looks like Justin isn't a very good friend to have. If you keep treating people like $#!^, Justin, karma will come and bite you in your wimpy little azz one day. If you don't stop it, karma might knock you off your high horse one day, and show you just because you have money doesn't make you better or more special than the next guy. You are not better than God, dude, so get over yourself.

230 days ago


It's kind of weird, cause when the incident happened, the limo driver said it was part of Justins entourage that that hit him, and the limo company's manager even said the limo driver told him that it wasn't Justin who hit him! Like what the heck is going on? Is this a cover up? Is Justin protecting one of his leech friends? or is this just a witch hunt for Justin?

230 days ago


His punk ass is in canada for God's sake keep him there we don't want him in the U.S. anymore

230 days ago


The people who feed off this kid naturally need to take the fall, that's how they get paid. Did this kid ever hear of MC Hammer, that guy knew the time of day once the money ran out and so did his friends.

230 days ago


So Justin friends are basically paid scapegoats

230 days ago


He swatted Justin hand for trying to turn up the radio isn't that assault? Swat my hand and I may just swat your head

230 days ago


JB wants to fight someone badly. He thinks he is Mr Bad Ass. Someone needs to take him on and knock his teeth out.

230 days ago


Lil punk

230 days ago


Innocent my ass. Hopefully he gets what's coming to him.

230 days ago
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