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Justin Bieber

Limo Assault Triggered By Radio Music

1/31/2014 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Justin Bieber has been criminally charged in Canada for assaulting a limo driver ... and TMZ has learned the whole dispute was triggered by the volume of the radio.

Here's what we're told by sources... Justin was cruising along in Toronto in the back seat of the limo when he wanted the driver to turn up the noise ... on the radio.

The driver turned it up ... but not as much as Justin wanted, and an argument erupted. 

According to one of our sources ... the argument became physical when Justin reached his arm out to turn up the radio himself ... and the driver swatted his hand away.

The limo driver claims Justin started screaming profanities ... then smacked him several times in the head.

Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, says his client is "innocent," and a source connected with Bieber insists it was one of Justin's friends -- not Justin -- who hit the driver.  The source would not reveal the identity of the friend.



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Yet another "wasn't me", lack of responsibility episode. What a friggin' little brat.

264 days ago


How lame, the baby is...the devil made me do it..the video game made me do mom made me do it...according to this douche he let one of his ass kissers take the blame!


264 days ago


Hahahahahha-- it will never stop till he disappears . Please go to a lonely island and stay there kiddo.

264 days ago


Of course it was not him - time to blame another leech - at least he gets some value of out of his clowns...

264 days ago

the truth    

it does sound like something the Li **** would do...right?

264 days ago


He slapped you over the head? So he's suing for embarrassment?

264 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Time will tell who hit this man just doing his job, but. I am VERY glad he reported it,nothing will come from it at the end of the day, but, how friggen disrespectful.

264 days ago


Well, of course, his friend did it (wink, wink). Escape #4913 for this punk.

264 days ago


Justin's financial manager should call an emergency meeting and have Justin layoff his security team,his housekeepers, cook, and tell them that he is broke. He should do this in front of his father and his roommates. The ones that decide to stay and pay their own way is his true friends. I think he will only have his mom left.

264 days ago


Everyone sees dollar signs when they see this kid. The dude is red meat for litigious louse who wants a piece of him.

264 days ago


The police say one of his friends in the limo broke down and confessed it was Justin

264 days ago


what kind of music was

264 days ago


Really sick of it always being one of his posse or his bodyguards or the prescription drugs are arranged by his mother and he doesn't know anything about them. He , Lindsey ,Kim K , West and Chris Brown should all go to live on an island somewhere away from the rest of us. I can think of a few politicians they can take with them to run things.

264 days ago


Just the fact the he allows that kind of behavior from his "friend" he should also be charged

264 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out what all of these rednecks hate Justin. so much that they want him dead or deported. I've seen celebs do WAY worse when you relate to the stupid, immature stuff Justin does. What is it, y'all pick a person to crucify because of what?????? Going so far as to sign petitions to get him deported. I'm no Justin Bieber fan, but he seems like any other college kid, doing stupid stuff. Take all of that angry energy y'all have and save a starving kid or animal or something., something worthwhile. Run in a Susan Komen race or something. Step from behind the computer and make a difference. Shoot, even Justin takes time out to help people.

264 days ago
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