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Kendra Wilkinson

U.S. Should LEGALIZE Prostitution

1/31/2014 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There's NOTHING wrong with whores ... so says Kendra Wilkinson -- who claims the United States should STOP arresting people for prostitution when it involves two consenting adults.

The former Playboy model was wading her way through LAX with hubby Hank Baskett Thursday evening ... when she explained why the laws against hooking are just plain stupid.

For the record, there are parts of the U.S. where one could legally purchase sex ... but it's clear, Kendra believes ALL AMERICANS (of age) should be able to pay for ass.

God, she's patriotic.


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She looks like sh*t1

265 days ago


I wonder how many people on here are girls just hating ? So she was in playboy half the ratchet hos in the world wanna be in playboy people shouldn't hate cause she used her beauty to make money

265 days ago


Did anyone say airbrush........

265 days ago


Prostitution should be legalized. What about all those men who can't get sex? Disabled, ugly, fat..etc?

265 days ago


Please give birth to a daughter ASAP.. In 14 yrs, I pay her FIVE DOLLAH...Love her long time....!

265 days ago


I wouldn't feel comfortable w it...maybe better parenting so our daughters and sons don't grow up and think of that as an actual job...

265 days ago


In Canada, its legalized. And for good reason, in my opinion. Lets face it, your tax dollars are being spent busting people with marijuana and prostitutes when there are much more important things to tackle.

Not every guy is a smooth talker that will walk into a bar and go home with the girl of his choice. You remove prostitution, youll have a lot of sexually frustrated men that could potentially end up raping innocent women.

Ive never bought a hooker, and although impossible to do I wish they would have to be licensed and have mandatory STD checks so they arent spreading viruses a round(like most porn companies).

265 days ago


Perhaps this is the answer to the economy. You should have to be tested and work for a legitimate company. More men would go to a place where women are known to be clean

265 days ago


Problem with that is countries that legalize prostitution have a huge rise in human trafficking and organized crime. It just doesn't work.

265 days ago


Maybe when all the dumb Republicans who worship idiots like Rush Limbaugh are dead, we can begin legalizing stuff like prostitution once and for all.

265 days ago


She should know. Takes one to know one.

265 days ago

Lisa G    

She's right. It's the oldest profession. Make it safe for the hookers and put the pimps out of a job. People who want to work or hire someone in that profession are going to do it so regulate it and tax it.

265 days ago


It's one of the oldest professions in the world, it is impossible to eliminate, and a government in a supposedly free society shouldn't be in the business of imposing morals (usually from influential religious groups, and not founded based on evidence but on the supposed words of an imaginary sky daddy) on its people, beyond the basics such as "don't kill each other" and "respect people's property", etc. Legalize it, but regulate it and tax it. Get these women (and some men) off of the streets and into safer settings to offer their services. The government doesn't have to endorse it, but just say that they are realists, and they may as well make it safer for those involved.

265 days ago

john johnson    

please........don't leave the house without your makeup!!!!

265 days ago


Lets hear from her when her husband pays for sex and brings home some nasty stuff and passes it on to her.

265 days ago
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