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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Gonna Work For Convicted Coke Smugglers

1/31/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Lindsay Lohan has no problem collecting a paycheck from convicted cocaine smugglers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... it's inconceivable that she'd bail out of the film, "Inconceivable" ... despite reports the money men -- who've backed several Hollywood movies, including "Lone Survivor" with Mark Wahlberg -- were convicted of coke trafficking.

L.A. Weekly reported the men -- Remington Chase and Stepan Martirosyan -- were convicted in 1993.  There were even allegations they put a hit out on a guy in Moscow.

Our Lindsay source tells us ... she was in the dark about the guys until recently ... but she's never run from coke before ... so she's doing the movie -- period.

Here's her thinking -- film financing is a business matter and of no concern to an actor.

At least she has a crack team behind her.


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Won't be to long now before The League of Extraordinarily Rich Gentlemen" get tired of fcuking Lindsay Lohan every which way possible, and her "handlers" toss her out with the rest of the garbage. She'll be hustling for Molly in Hunts Point by 2015.

229 days ago

just because    

Lindsay Blohan - the Coke Lord king pin

229 days ago


ff's if this story is true Lindsay was only 7 when these guys got into trouble. You should also add Denzel Washington, Jake Gyllenhall AND others who have starred in movies financed by these guys but no, you choose to single out Lindsay. TMZ sexist desperate douche bags.

229 days ago


Are they actually going to pay her in cocaine, or are they going to make it look legit by writing her the checks and having her endorse them right away and hand them back for the huge coke debt she will have no doubtedly incurred by the time the ink is dry?

229 days ago




229 days ago


Dont pay attentiion to susan,shes having a rough time affording box wine and heroin for Ali..and with the house under foreclosure Cody has no place to tie the knot with his life partner jimmy

229 days ago


The country was founded by drug dealers an war criminals so ya point izzzzzzz?

229 days ago


This magical movie that she's going to be co-producing is a figment of her imagination. This is typical Lohan. Tell everybody how in demand you are and hope that someone believes the hype. After her 4th or 5th court mandated rehab stay, she was telling anyone and everyone how refocused she was on her career and how she was flooded w/ scripts from everybody. Not long after she had to beg Lorne Michaels to let her host SNL. That was an epic fail. And for someone with so many offers supposedly coming in she settles for a Lifetime flop Liz and Dick, followed by a D-list softcore p orn that was so bad it was denied at Cannes. Still surprised people refer to her as an actress. She's a former child star. Nothing more, nothing less. Key word is former. She's not a box office draw, and she's all but blacklisted in Hollywood. Until this magical movie has an iron-clad contract, and a banker has handed her the $2 million, it's nothing more than wishful thinking from Lindsay. Her career began and ended in Hollywood with Mean Girls.

Now she's just a disheviled, dirty looking vagrant in desperate need of a shower, a toothbrush, and a sack lunch.

229 days ago


So the premise of Inconceivable is about a woman who's lost something and wants to reclaim it? Could it be a pink bag full or eight-balls & molly?

229 days ago


Like everthing else Linday Lohan touches, this is so going to blow up in her surgically/drugged altered face.

229 days ago


Well that explains why she was so desperate to make this movie.

229 days ago


Come on now if Tim Allen can turn it around why not these goofballs?

229 days ago


FFS! An UPDATE on Blo's "missing" fur coat:

Lilo Blames Seahawks’ Sidney Rice For ‘Missing’ $75K Fur Coat
Lindsay Lohan claims half of her $75,000 fur coat went missing at a New York nightclub — and she tried to blame injured Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice for its disappearance.

Lindsay was partying with Rice and friends at 1Oak on Wednesday night — the same club where she was accused of walking out with model Masha Markova’s $12,000 mink coat in 2008.

But early Thursday morning, her dad Michael Lohan called the club and left a message saying part of her two-piece fur coat was missing.

TMZ reported that Lindsay called everyone at her table to see if they had her coat, but wasn’t able to contact Rice.
While the club declined to comment, a source tells us, “There was no fur coat. Lindsay arrived in a leather jacket with a separate long fur shawl. Lindsay’s friend was holding her shawl. At one point, he held the shawl over the table and it caught fire by the candle. When Lindsay left she put on the leather jacket and the shawl. Club surveillance shows she walked out wearing the same coat she arrived in. She never said anything about any ‘missing’ coat.”

The actress had previously been banned from 1Oak after she threw glasses at her ex-assistant Gavin Doyle last April, but “somehow sneaked in on Wednesday.” Now, the source adds, “She is definitely banned.”

Rice — who should know better than to be partying with LiLo before the Super Bowl — could not be reached.
-Page Six

229 days ago


They probably said "who can we get to work for all this extra coke we have laying around?" The joke will be on them when blo won't come out of her coke fortified dressing room

229 days ago


She looks horrible.

229 days ago
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