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Justin Bieber

Miami Beach Prosecutors Confident

We'll NAIL Him!

2/1/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The DUI case against Justin Bieber has some big holes -- but law enforcement sources tell us prosecutors will NOT back down and are confident the case is so strong ... Justin will cop a plea.

TMZ broke the story ... although Miami Beach police claimed Justin reeked of booze ... his blood alcohol level was almost imperceptible -- .014.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... prosecutors say the officer who made the observation is a star witness who is one of the most authoritative people in the area on DUI -- and an unimpeachable witness.

There's another hole in the case.  Cops claimed Justin was drag racing, yet we've obtained the GPS read on his car and it actually shows in the middle of the so-called drag race he was going 27 MPH -- UNDER the 30 MPH speed limit.

Our sources say they're not buying the GPS read out and they have their own GPS which they believe will show a higher rate of speed. 

Bottom line -- sources connected with the case are confident ... this case will NEVER go to trial because Justin was driving under the influence of marijuana and Xanax.  They are virtually certain Justin will take a deal.


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For once Lil Beaver will get "NAILED" and all of the other Lils will have to wait for him to released so Lil Beaver can NAIL them again....

266 days ago


Driving under the influence of drugs is against the law. Especially illegal drugs. He should and will be prosecuted.
I wish the moron would just overdose. Just rid yourself from our planet asap please.

266 days ago


There's no holes in this case at all. That GPS story is just that, a story. That isn't proof at all. They got him for sure.

266 days ago


Seriously tmz this d broke the law stop trying to make it seem like he is innocent!! He might not have been able to reach high speeds to complete the drag race but the incentive was sure as hell there!!! They blocked of thr road! That does not say leisurely drive that says racing!! Also regardless of hiw much was in his system as a minor he is over the limit AND he was driving under the influence of weed and xanax! Stop molly coddling him! He is a big boy who needs to own up and pay for his actions!!!!

266 days ago


I say, spray some ladies perfume on him, and put him in with the general population.

266 days ago


The illiteracy and jealousy from the posters regarding JB are astonishing! Boys and men I have never seen before have come out of the woodwork, it is really sad and hilarious.

265 days ago



265 days ago


I know this is slightly off topic, but every damn picture I see of him he isn't wearing socks with his sneakers. I bet his feet stink lol

265 days ago


Where is White House...deport him. Double standard. Shame on America.

265 days ago


Closing off the street with intent to race can't be legal either, doh!

265 days ago

Angela Nicol    

It's a good thing the law is protecting us from a DUI induced drag incident of 27mph and .014 blood alcohol content. Why is it that small minded people are preoccupied on making their small minded comments on constantly ragging on celebrity culture? You don't like? Don't listen to his music and move on and live productive lives.

265 days ago

Lemon Bar    

Several problems with this case. Miami Beach has an awful reputation for corruption. The officer did not arrest the drivers of the SUVs who were supposedly blocking traffic. The initial stop was for racing, except the GPS shows otherwise. Miami Beach police do not have in car cameras, unions don't want their officers recorded. The officer in question might have a bad background. Some of the DUI officers in Miami Beach make over $100,000 in overtime fraud. Miami Beach police might not have any prior arrests for drag racing. The officer in question might need to be investigated himself.

265 days ago


What should not be forgotten is that this twerp is building a bad priors record that will haunt him each time he is arrested,
Screaming at and swearing at cops is one of his dumbest moves and will come back to bite him.
But then, no one can claim the child acts in an intelligent manner.

265 days ago


He will face consequences at some point in his life. Best to face these little ones and change rather then have hard core consequences in the future. Wonder what trouble he'll be in this weekend?

265 days ago

LA you're on the line    

The real crime is how he is dressed.

265 days ago
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