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Bieber & Pal

Double-Team Topless Stripper

'Ain't No Fun, If the Homies Can't Have None'

2/2/2014 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0201-bieber-lil-za-nycSay this for Justin Bieber ... at least he shares ... even when it comes to strippers' boobs -- as seen in this photo of Justin and his pal Khalil Sharieff sucking on one breast each during a recent party.

According to sources with direct knowledge ... the stripper, who came fully-loaded with giant fake breasts and a classy rainbow-colored Playboy tattoo, was hired to "perform" for Justin and his pals during a party at an L.A. recording studio.

During the festivities, Justin and Khalil decided to get a taste of the action ... at the same time ... with Justin taking a love-bite out of the left mammary for good measure.

Sources at the party say the stripper looked old enough to be Justin's mother ... maybe that explains the urge to breast-feed.


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Get it Justin..get it!!

231 days ago


He is such a waste of skin. As far as I am concerned, he does all his antics because the publicity hound that he is. I can't see why he is even relevant to anything.

231 days ago


Let me say that I tend to get most of my news from TMZ (Kinda sad that I know more about what is going on in the lives of celebrities than real world stuff). I glance at TMZ several times a day. This being said, is it really necessary to have the Justin Bieber Boob photo? Couln't you indicate that if you want to see the latest crazy tacky thing that JB has done, click below? I feel like I have to totally curb my viewing habits because now TMZ is getting to be to racey for my surrouindings. I'm not a prude, but really, can't you edit your stories a little more. Same goes for Perez Hilton.

231 days ago


Ok we r grown but dis is a bit much tmz

231 days ago


Big babies--that's a disgusting image I'll never un-see [shudder].

231 days ago


Lol... young dumb and full of kum. And cash. Wat a life ...

231 days ago


I have videos of justin that no body of him and security guards on Saturday night at 2am

231 days ago


I am not the only one who sees Justin Bieber psychologically yards away from this woman and a not one hand on her. This is right in front of a camera you know so they are aware the public will see. I'm a Belieber so I'm perfectly fine with talking about Justin but they do this so you can talk about him too. It's that simple good deeds don't seem to make news but devilish immoral acts do. He wants to tarnish his imagine because he thinks or people tell he would fit in better with rappers. I've personally wanted him to be a rapper close to 4 years ago he just thinks he wouldn't be treated seriously because he's a white boy & not from the ghetto. I say if he has talent and can rap...while they have all these rappers who think they can rap but they can't they just have the stereotypical image of a rapper. Nicki Minaj can't rap worth **** and Drake can't rap either but he sure CAN sing R&B well though, so why are these two rapping? & then we have the annoying rappers who just sound like their talking Jay-z, Kanye, lil wayne, p. diddy.

231 days ago


Shut your stupid ass up. When the hell Franch became a race White is white even if you're Irish European or Jewish pouncestupid and she's not ****ing Indian I think someone should get their facts right you ****ing retard

231 days ago


LMAO. I don't get why ppl think it's fake. He got his ear tattoo in mid Jan, so this picture is resent. What he does in his private life is his business....even if he was bisexual, not a big deal anymore.

231 days ago


LMAO. I don't get why ppl think it's fake....he got his ear tattoo in mid Jan, so the pic could be very's barely been 2 weeks since. Anyhow, even if he ends up being bisexual....that's no longer a big deal. In the meantime, let's see what else he will do to traumatize lil girls....LOL

231 days ago


He is probably closing his eyes as he is thinking of dudes, while the other guy doesn't want to look at Bieber while doing it.

231 days ago


Damn yall posted this 4 times my gpd obsessing much ?

231 days ago


Baby beibs may have 130 mil now, but in a few years he'll be just another bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, Leif garret. That's if he doesn't end up like Andy gibb first!

231 days ago


please please take down the Justin Bieber picture kissing the stripper's breasts. it's so bad for kids to see this stuff and he's a thug who needs no more media attention

231 days ago
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