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Lindsay Lohan

I Found My $75K Fur

Thanks To the Seahawks!

2/2/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has FOUND her precious fur coat ... and it's all because of a member of the Seattle Seahawks. 

We broke the story ... Lindsay claimed her $75,000 fur went missing at 1 OAK early Thursday morning. 

Turns out ... it was a 2-piece fur and Lindsay claims she left one piece in the club. 1 OAK reportedly said Lindsay was full of it and did not lose anything inside their club.

But now Lindsay says she got the coat back, thanks to Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice, who was at Lindsay's table. 

We're told after Lindsay left the club, Rice noticed she had left the garment behind and took it home for safe keeping.  He contacted Lindsay the next day and her people picked it up.

If you wonder why Rice was clubbing until the wee hours of the morning just days before the Super Bowl ... he won't be playing.  He's on the injured reserve list.


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Yada yada ya    

That's real news at its best

272 days ago


That invisable coat was a 5 crack burned finger discount to begin with

272 days ago


Man she is so full of crap. I thought that was bad dredlocks. Not even close to what the club said or on the tapes.

She was already banned by the club and she snuck in but she is banned again with this stunt. Funny how she didn't menion that.

272 days ago

jedd wilson    

lesson of the day "DON't SMOKE CRACK"

272 days ago


Put a restraining order against lielo attending the superbowl.the superbowl rings will br stolen,the crowds purses and wallets will be jacked,she will smash every car in the parking lot,she will throw glasses all over the field,pee in the seat she snuck in to get.and try and sue them for not recogizing she was in mean girls and showing her horrendous selfies on the teleprompter

272 days ago


When lielo thinks about the superbowl, s super sized bowl of coke sticks in her thoughts

272 days ago


Was he WEARING her coat ?

272 days ago


She should give the fur back to the animal she stole it from!

Sir Paul McCartney says:

“Fashion is an important industry. It can be creative and beautiful but it also has an ugly side. Those designers and retailers that use and sell real fur have the blood of the animals killed for that fur on their hands. It is the demand for fur, created by the fur industry, that causes so much animal cruelty and it’s all so unnecessary. No one needs to wear fur and no one would suffer or die if the commercial fur trade was to disappear. There are alternatives to fur and fashion designers can and should use their artistry to come up with designs that do not use this cruel product. I am so proud that my daughter Stella – who is a great designer – has shown the way and uses no fur in her collections. Remember, as Respect for Animals says: ‘fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people’!”

272 days ago


Funny how Lohag neglects to mention in ALL of this, she was banned TWICE from ten oak because of crap like this.

272 days ago


That thing is 75K oh I doubt that. I've seen better looking braided throw rugs.

Lohan pathological as ever.

Is she still living in Winfreys Soho apartment?

272 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


1Oak told reporters that LYING LOHAN wasn't even wearing a fur coat.


Lindsay Lohan claims half of her $75,000 fur coat went missing at a New York nightclub — and she tried to blame injured Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice for its disappearance.
Lindsay was partying with Rice and friends at 1Oak on Wednesday night — the same club where she was accused of walking out with model Masha Markova’s $12,000 mink coat in 2008.
But early Thursday morning, her dad Michael Lohan called the club and left a message saying part of her two-piece fur coat was missing.
TMZ reported that Lindsay called everyone at her table to see if they had her coat, but wasn’t able to contact Rice.
While the club declined to comment, a source tells us, “There was no fur coat. Lindsay arrived in a leather jacket with a separate long fur shawl. Lindsay’s friend was holding her shawl. At one point, he held the shawl over the table and it caught fire by the candle. When Lindsay left she put on the leather jacket and the shawl. Club surveillance shows she walked out wearing the same coat she arrived in. She never said anything about any ‘missing’ coat.”
The actress had previously been banned from 1Oak after she threw glasses at her ex-assistant Gavin Doyle last April, but “somehow sneaked in on Wednesday.” Now, the source adds, “She is definitely banned.”
Rice — who should know better than to be partying with LiLo before the Super Bowl — could not be reached.

272 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

This is all the truth you need, instead of Lying Lindsays LIES!!

Club surveillance shows she walked out wearing the same coat she arrived in. She never said anything about any ‘missing’ coat.”

272 days ago


I'm so happy she got her ugly-ass coat back. Thanks, TMZ, for staying on top of this story. We were all worried.

272 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

All this story is, is Lying Lohan back peddeling her LIES.

Oh and BTW, does that look like a two piece fur? It doesn't even look like fur.

272 days ago


coat smells of cigs, vodka, rancid vaginal juices and her daddy's semen, why anyone would touch it is beyond me.

272 days ago
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