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Lindsay Lohan

I Found My $75K Fur

Thanks To the Seahawks!

2/2/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has FOUND her precious fur coat ... and it's all because of a member of the Seattle Seahawks. 

We broke the story ... Lindsay claimed her $75,000 fur went missing at 1 OAK early Thursday morning. 

Turns out ... it was a 2-piece fur and Lindsay claims she left one piece in the club. 1 OAK reportedly said Lindsay was full of it and did not lose anything inside their club.

But now Lindsay says she got the coat back, thanks to Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice, who was at Lindsay's table. 

We're told after Lindsay left the club, Rice noticed she had left the garment behind and took it home for safe keeping.  He contacted Lindsay the next day and her people picked it up.

If you wonder why Rice was clubbing until the wee hours of the morning just days before the Super Bowl ... he won't be playing.  He's on the injured reserve list.


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Grandma Cracker    

Great, now the Lohan curse is on the Seahawks

241 days ago


Someone needs to chop down the ugly tree that lielo and that coat grew out of..

241 days ago

Joe the plumber    

Can't this "has been" find more imaginative ways to make the news than to hit the club scene and repeating the same worn out fur coat story?

241 days ago


That's a horrible coat!! So sad that do many innocent animals had to die to dress up so many crazy people

241 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I don't know what that thing in the picture is, but it isn't a coat. It looks like poncho made from a chenille bedspread. Whoever paid $75000 for that thing got robbed.

241 days ago


How many squirrels must die for you to look fly?

241 days ago


To wear that coat proves shes on Designer drugs..that jacked up coat should be used like a scram bracelet in sobriety tests

241 days ago


I'm sure Winfrey will be glad when this 'what the hell were you thinking' docu-joke is over.

Lohan made a fool out of her and Winfrey is trying to save face.

Hell, Lohan pulled her temper tantrums and bs with her crew. Winfrey thinking that Lohan wouldn't dare pull her crap with me didn't work at all.

Winfrey get her out of your Soho apartment if she is still there, fumigate it and chalk this up to a very bad mistake and never again. You tried to help and got kicked in the teeth just like Lohan does to everyone.

241 days ago


Something that ugly would stand out. That's a far cry from the leather coat she was wearing.

Lohan still has a big problem from her lies to what is actually on camera let alone witnesses.

That's right eveyone else lies but Lohan. Her 3 times per week shrink is not working.

241 days ago


What a dumb skank

241 days ago


Oh please obviously a fake story from a desperate for attention hasbeen since the start. If her john called her the next day to let her know he had half of her hideous coat why in the world would she run to TMZ crying it was missing? No one writes about her unless she gets arrested, no one cares otherwise. Now she has to make up ridiculous stories to stay in the news and announce movies that will either never be made or never released in theater.

What was she even doing in 1oak ? I thought she was done with clubbing yet all she does is go clubbing. Good for the club for saying she didn't lose anything. The convicted liar lies again!

241 days ago


Seattle is gion to lose anyway. Broncos

241 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

It was like a week before the game. Trust me even the players go out and party til Wednesday or Thursday night. They know how to be ready by sunday

241 days ago


Wonder how many balls of chenille yarn died to make that thing she's call a "fur coat".? 75000 ....LOL .....put down the glass and put on your glasses Dina you are putting on two many zero's again it should read 75.00 you forgot your period again.....

241 days ago

Just Steve    

Lindsey Lohan..idc if you were a raging drug addict...just marry me?

241 days ago
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